10 Of The 101 Ways Toddlers Are Like Puppies.

Yesterday while taking a walk with the wild-child, I thought I was going to die of old age before making it around the block. We had to stop every two feet so he could pick-up a stick or poke something with the stick. Sometimes he would poke a hole, drop the stick, back track to a different stick, then run back to REPOKE! the existing hole. It was the most annoying cycle of ridiculousness. It reminded me of how annoying it was to walk my old German Shepherd, he too had to stop every two feet to pick-up a stick or mark his territory.  And then it hit me... toddlers and puppies are EXACTLY alike.

The more I think about the similarities between puppies and toddlers, the more I think the only difference is one has four legs. Which is debatable since toddlers walk on all fours too.

Without further ado, the the first ten of the 101 million ways toddlers and puppies are exactly alike. 

Toddlers and puppies...

1. Drool on everything. The two could fill a lake in a afternoon together.
2. Will happily poop and pee anywhere and everywhere and take months to housebreak.
3. Will bring the same toy back to you a thousand and one times to play with.
4. Chew on everything, including but not limited to, shoes, socks, toys, furniture, you, themselves...
5. Bark constantly! They never ever seem to stop talking.
6. Have no use for sleep.  Every once in a while they lay down, but it does not last very long.
7. Refuse to wear pants.  Or any clothes for that matter.
8. Eat off of the floor.
9. Think baths are complete nonsense, and to prove it whine and splash the entire time.
10. Even though you know they can hear and understand you, they still run away from you.

This is definitely an ongoing list.  Can you add to it?

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