Beat Those Winter Blahs With Me... It's 30/30 Challenge Time

I have ZERO energy. Zero. I am tired and dragging ass all day. I sit on my fatty-fat-fat butt 80% of the day, and eat the other 20%. I know. I know. Tsk-Tsk! It's time to get off the couch. It's time to get my energy back.  It's time to beat the winter Blahs.  It is time for a 30/30 Challenge...

Over the past two weeks I have noticed my energy level dropping. The winter blahs have finally gotten to me. It also does not help that the ground is so covered in snow and ice that one travel advisory after another is being issued.  SO UNMOTIVATING!  Poor Ollie is going a bit crazy too.

As I sit here on my butt typing away, I am at a point where I am motivated to make a change.  I have had enough of the winter blahs.  More to the point, I am tired of feeling like a lazy good for nothing mother! I honestly cannot remember a time when I have had such low energy levels. I'm not even that worried about my weight right now. I can deal with that during the spring and summer months. It's more an issue of getting my energy up to do that!

In order to get my energy back, I have a plan... A good one... But first, for those of you just joining us who do not know about the 30/30 Challenge, here is a little bit about it in it's original form.  (Link to a full outline of the challenge and a past challenge recap is at the bottom of this post.)

What:  The 30/30 Walking Challenge

When: Whenever! The minute you finish reading this post...

Where: Anywhere your feet take you! (100% FREE!!!)

How:  All you have to do is walk thirty minutes a day, for thirty days.  Here is the best part, you can walk at any pace you want, snail slow if you want, or train for the race walking Olympic team, just walk for thirty minutes. (NOTE: This is the original form, If walking is not your thing, you can do anything you want for 30 minutes.)

WHY: In less than 30 days you will lower your heart attack risk, lose weight, sleep better, boost your mood and energy levels, create a regular exercise routine, set a great example for you family, friends, coworkers... and more!

(Disclaimer: Consult a physician before starting any exercise plan)

That is the original challenge laid out by "The Doctors" TV show (link to show video listed below.) I will be starting that exact challenge up again on May 1st, so stay tuned!  

This 30/30 Challenge is going to be altered a little for those of us buried in cold winter temps and weather...

THE PLAN: Starting on March 1st, do 30-minutes of activity a day, for 30 days. Whether it be walking, yoga, shopping, cleaning, chasing the kid(s) through the house... Anything, just as long as it is something for 30 minutes. This challenge is to just get you moving, and ready for spring.  


This challenge is a prep for spring.  A soft launch if you will to get on a steady exercise plan. The May challenge is to get us OUTSIDE!  If nothing else, I sincerely hope you will plan to do the May challenge with me. Imagine how nice it will be after a long winter to get outside for 30 minutes a day after dinner, before work, or even start walking to work, or even a brisk walk during the lunch break... I'm gitty just thinking about a warm walk outside! Can you tell I'm excited for May? (The more feedback I get on participants, the more I will reach out to sponsors for great motivating giveaways! Shoes... stroller... clothes... food...)

Ok,  back to today... March 1st is GET MOVING MONTH!  I will post my activity on social media and do a weekly recap.  May 1st is Get Out And Walk Month!  So excited!

As I mentioned before, I am going to start prepping for the challenge as soon as I finish typing, and I hope beyond hope you will join me after you finish reading this post! Here's how...

Do something 30 times every day leading up to March...

For example, (Start by picking one (Or More!), small baby steps...)
30 Sit-ups while waiting for the coffee to brew. 
30 Lunges while watching Mickey Mouse Club House with your little.
30 Squats while Brushing your teeth
30 jumping jacks with your little one to get that last bit of energy out after dinner.
Lift your baby up over your head 30 times...  They love that! Or a sack of flour.. or a dumbbell...
Walk in place while doing the dishes...

You get the idea.

HINT: Pick up your favorite fitness magazine and choose a different exercise out of it to do each day.

The point is to start with a tiny attainable goral. For this of us who have fallen out of a routine, this is a great way to get exercise back on the brain.  Who does't have 30-seconds a day? My hope is that within a week or two we will see a noticeable boost in our energy levels.  And maybe, just maybe add a few more exercises each week, leading up to the March challenge! That being said, today my energy level is about 2 on a scale of 1-10.  So, just doing 30 of anything will be doing a heck of a lot more that I already am.


More to come on the March challenge.  I will be posting ideas for the activity and any other information I come across to help keep us on track.

I hope you will join me...  

For more information on the 30/30 challenge, including the origin and how the first challenge on First Time Mom & Dad went,  CLICK HERE.

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