Baby Comes Home: Dudley Doodle (App Review)

Today's app, Baby Comes Home: Dudley Doodle, is about such an important aspect to having children, helping the family pet transition to the new family unit. Something Alena, the App's creator and first-time mother, had first hand experience with.

It is absolutely mind boggling what apps can do these days. Mind. Boggling. Between reading a story to your child, to the realistic sound effects and interactive abilities... I am completely in awe! And Baby Comes Home, has completely capitalized on this. But, before I go further into that... here is a little bit about the story of the sweet Labradoodle, Dudley, and his experience of having a baby come into his home,where he was once the baby...

Like most pets before baby arrives, Dudley was the baby.  He got plenty of undivided attention, walks, games of fetch and fancy dinners made with love.  Then the baby arrives... No more  Dudley The baby, now it's, Dudley The NOT NOW!

But isn't this kind of the norm when baby comes home?  My cat was mortified when I brought home Ollie! We had already had to have a talk about the fact that the new crib was not his bed, so when I put the baby in it... and then spent all of my free time cooing over the baby instead of him...  Yeah, it's a wonder I still have eyes....

The story goes on to teach your child about the family pet, and the importance of finding a way to make time to show the pet that, in a way, it is still the baby too.  

Now, about the App's fancy features!


  • The story can be read to your child, or the two of you can read it together.
  • As the story is narrated, each word read is highlighted to encourage reading and word association
  • Interactive features on each page. These are SO Much Fun!! Ollie loved knocking the milk cup off of the table... ONE MILLION TIMES!
  • Beautiful illustrations.
  • Realistic background music and sound effects, right down to the dog barks, panting and baby crying! 
  • Awesome way to create a dialogue about the family pet with your child.
  • Awesome way to remember that as a parent, you have to set an example.

This app has so many great features, and the story behind it is sure to help many families out!

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