10 Of The Funniest Things I Have Seen Over The Past 10 Days. #Top10Tuesday

January 21, 2014

It's Tuesday... I say we start off with a laugh!

(Warning: This post is full of Tasteless Parenting Humor.  If you are not into Tasteless Humor, then you better not look... But for those parents who, like me, refuse to give up their silly tasteless sense of humor just because they have become parents, then this one is for you!)

We can learn a lot from this guy! 

I blame the winter... OK, and my lazy ass too...

I Second that!



Ummm.... Yeah.  Before buying this book, 'Firts', slap yourself. 

Where is the fail?  I bet that baby is the Shit!

I cannot stop laughing at this!!
That car has BALLS!

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