POLAR VORTEX? Let's Just Pretend This Winter Didn't Happen...

As I sit here freezing my toes and nose off, I am looking outside at a beautiful sunny day.  It's like a mirage of water in the desert, I swear I can see something beautiful and wonderful until I get right up to it and realize it's too cold to enjoy.  Over the past three weeks, I have seen -25-degree wind chills... I LIVE IN THE SOUTH!?!?!?!   In fact, it is snowing in Atlanta today. ATLANTA!  Cray-Cray!!!

Sometimes I pretend that it is actually really warm and wonderful outside, in hopes that I will feel warm and wonderful on the inside. Not. So. Much.  I hate the winter. I hate the cold. And I hate feeling like a stuffed pig when I get into my car with my super puffy full-length coat and snow boots. So the fact that a Polar Vortex with its ass-biting bitter cold temperatures has taken over the winter, I am going stir crazy. I keep telling FTD that I have officially had it with winter, and no longer want to live anywhere where the temps fall below my age. And since I am 35, and it's 14 degrees outside... #FAIL #EPIC FAIL!
Sorry, Dude. No car for you... for a long long time...
I don't know about you, but sometimes I lose my mind and turn the heat WAY up.  I mean 80-degrees way up. Just so I can walk around in shorts and t-shirt, and not have that constant back ache that comes with the frigid winter.  One of my friends who works at the super cute Fibi & Clo shoes was telling me how she does the same and wears sandals too! I had to laugh. I am not the only person who jacks up the heat to feel normal again!  I say 'normal,' because there is absolutely nothing I ever want to feel 'normal' about freezing my nose and toes off. YUCK!

And don't even get me started on what I have to go through to get the wild-child ready to go outside!  At one point I declared that since it takes me 25-minutes to chase him around, catch him, hold him down and layer on the jacket, mittens, hat, and scarf, I am going to count it as a workout.  I mean, by the time I have him ready to go outside I am so hot and sweaty from the fight and struggle, I might as well call it Cardio!

I miss having a warm nose and toes.  I miss mani/pedis and patio liquid lunches. I miss sun dresses and sun bathing.  Dammit, I just miss the warm weather and everything that goes along with it!  Thankfully, I am already seeing the spring/summer lines being featured in magazines and coming out in my favorite stores. This always signals the end is near.  I refer to this at the spring light at the end of the dark winter tunnel.  I need to see this light, especially before the darkness of February closes in on me.

I have this wonderful friend who rarely takes any crap from me.  I complain she tells me to get over myself.  I cry about something ridiculous, she tells me to grow up. Thankfully, when it comes to the cold, she knows I cannot handle it.  So when I told her I was sure I was just going to die from the winter weather blahs in February, she said...

Well...Find something to be happy about in February. Like I don't know...HOW BOUT IT'S THE MONTH YOUR GREATEST GIFT WAS BORN!! Or how about it's the shortest month? Or how about it's Great American Pie month? For do grouch a favor day.  For pistol patent day. There are all kinds of shit that makes Feb awesome!  

She is right, I need to let go of my obsession with hating the cold and February, and look forward to the bright side.  I am going to survive this winter! I have got to keep in mind that the cold weather will blow away, allowing the warm, beautiful spring air to take over.  My heavy winter coat will be replaced by a pretty flowing sundress, and my nasty stomping winter boots will be replaced my super cute strappy sandals.

Yes, this cold nasty winter too shall pass... And tulips, dresses, and sandals will make life better in an instant!

So, what about you?  Do you love/hate the cold?  

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