Mommy? Who? Oh Her... I'm Busy...

As some of you read last week in the post, I Left My Baby With Strangers. It Was For The Best..., I started Ollie in a Mommy's Day Out program where I drop him off at this super sweet church for a few hours to play and learn, while I actually get stuff done. Today was day two. His second time. His, should-have-been-a-little-scary, day two. His SAY-GOOD-BYE-TO-MOMMY-FOR-CRIPES-SAKE, day two. Nope. It was his LATER HATERS, day two of Mommy's day out.

What am I blabbering on about you ask? Ollie could not get away from me fast enough today. Here is what happened...

I pulled into the parking lot to drop him off at 'school', but was quickly waved to pull right up to the door since the ground was completely covered in ice. As I pulled up to the door, a woman I had never met before and the director of the MDO Program were waiting to greet us. To my complete shock the woman opened the back door of the car to get Ollie. I was like HOLD UP!  He doesn't know you, he will not go with you.  I went to get out of the car, and before I could open the door, there she was, holding my baby while he tried to shove the pretzel rod he was eating into her mouth.  Wait. What? What about Mommy? WHAT THE HELL?

I walked around the car to grab Ollie to carry him inside, but the stranger nice lady said, "No, just give him a kiss and tell him bye bye." I don't know what it is about these women at this church, but I just shut up and do as I am told. I gave him kisses said good bye, and then stood there stunned as she walked into the church with Ollie. He had this look of what is going on, but did not cry or protest. I got back in the car. But did not move. I was in shock! My baby just went off with a stranger! No tears or protest?  WHAT THE HELL?

She must have seen me out there, because a couple of minutes later she returned to let me know he didn't shed a tear and was already happily playing. By this point I was already on the phone whining to FTD, "HE LEFT ME!  Just went off with her... OMG!  Am I terrible mom? He just left..." FTD assured me that I did not suck, and that Ollie loved me more than the stranger. I just could not believe after two solid years with me, he just hauled ass into another woman's arms!  WHAT THE HELL?

Still in complete shock in denial, two hours later I called to check on him. I got a great report filled with how he was such a great little guy, no tears had been shed, and currently he was happily having snack/lunch time. I told the director I was running to the farmer's market, then would be by to get him in 45 minutes.  Since this is still new, I was worried the full 4 hours would be too much for him.

Once at the church for pick-up, I opened the doors to the daycare and my whole body filled with excitement.  I could not wait to see him, and for him to see me. I had this image of him seeing me, giving me this big smile, yelling out mommy!!, then running over to me, where I would scoop him up and spin him around. It was going to be a beautiful movie style MOMent!

As I turned the corner and laid eyes on him I could barely wait to hug him.  He looked up at me... smiled... and went back to playing...  But... I'm here, it's me... mommy... But, my Movie MOMent?WHAT THE FU#KING HELL??????

You all, that kid had no desire to leave! As far as he was concerned, he was playing, and I was there screwing that up.  He was hard at play on the Thomas table driving trains, and compared to that I was chopped liver meatloaf and could piss off. His teacher could tell I was crestfallen. She assured me that he was such a smart and amazing boy, and that the fact that he is saying complete sentences and singing songs shows what a great mom I am... Blah blah blah.  Screw that! I want my goddamned movie moment!

After a few minutes he decided that he was finished playing and would come home with me... I bundled him up in his jacket and gloves, had him say bye bye to the teacher and the other three kids in his class, and we turned to leave.  Before we took our first step his teacher said, "Oh Wait!  I almost forgot, Ollie's Penguin."  You all... I nearly cried, it was my son's first piece of art.  I took the penguin from the teacher, and felt my sentimental movie moment after all... I was so proud... SO. Proud! My baby made this!

Moral of the story:  If you are a SAHM/D and are thinking about a one or two day parents day out, DO IT!  Ollie LOVES it, has new friends, gets to run wild, and makes art! This is such a huge thing for both of us.  I have no doubt it will be for you too... Yes, you will probably cry, and feel a terrible detachment anxiety at first, but it's SO worth it! 

Second moral of the story:  I need to work with the wild-child on understanding STRANGER DANGER! 

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