From the Impossible to the Probable: 10 Things Girls Secretly Want In Life (Guest Post)

Due to my brain being frozen by two back-to-back winter storms, I am letting a friend who wishes to remain anonymous, take over for today's post. More to the point, I am letting a childless friend take over with an awesomely fun post to remind us mothers, who more times than not, put aside our wants for those of our child(ren.) Today my friends, it's time to remember our wants! 

Without further ado..From the Impossible to the Probable: 10 Things Girls Secretly Want In Life...

We dream about true love. We wait for our prince charming. We love to wear high heels and gladiator shoes. We like gummy bears. We devour a pint of ice cream when we’re sad. We feel betrayed when we don’t get that promotion we worked so hard for. We cry when we lose someone we love.

Girls have unending requests and wishes. That’s why we’re counting down these top 10 things we girls, secretly want to happen in our life.

1. We want to rock a supermodel body without having to go through rigorous gym training and exercise. Girls like us need to work for a living almost 24/7, which leaves no room for consistent workout.

2. We want to own as much designer items as possible: Louis Vuitton Neverfull Monogram, Tory Burch sunglasses, a Miss Dior perfume and a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps. We’d be lucky to own one of these in our whole lifetime but we’ll be very much grateful if these will be presented to us in the form of gifts.

3. We love a dinner date. A formal one. A date where we can wear the finest dresses you can only see being worn on the red carpet. We want to walk those gladiator shoes in heels while you gaze at our long, slim legs. Without having to tell, we want our man to pull us at the center of the room for a romantic slow dance as if nobody else is watching.

4. We want to reach our orgasm when we want to make love. Take note: make love, not sex.
5. We want to own Victoria’s Secret’s sexiest lingerie. We want a matching bra-and-panty set that goes in black, red and animal print. And pink.

6. We want a job that will give us self fulfillment. We want equality in the workplace, particularly when it comes to salary and benefits because we also work hard for our careers. We don’t have to wear pencil skirts, blazers and a pair of high-heeled pumps just to be respected because respect should be given to us in the first place.

7. We want people to stop asking us when we’ll get married because it’s not helpful. It actually puts us in an uncomfortable situation. Yes, we want that dream wedding someday but please lose the pressure.

8. We want a grandeur proposal someday. And a diamond ring that’s visible when we’re even 12 feet away from anybody.

9. To be really more beautiful and awesome than the girl whom our ex currently dates. If not, more intelligent then. Or more successful in our career.

10. We want supportive people in our life. We want someone to pull us back to positivity when our world is falling apart. We want someone to love us, not despite of our flaws but because of those flaws. We want someone to constantly remind us that we’re beautiful and irreplaceable.

We girls don’t require the whole world. Just a piece of it – the best piece that perfectly fits our kaleidoscope life.

What are your wants?

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