Top 10 Tuesday: Our Favorite Parenting Gifts, Gadgets and Products of 2013

It's hard to believe I have conducted over one-hundred product reviews during 2013.  What's more, with each review taking up to four hours from start to publish… that's a lot of hours of my life testing and typing about parenting products! As I look back, a few stick out that are worth mentioning. Mainly because I either got so much use out of them, or still in fact use the product/service today, that I have decided to share my absolute favorite things. This post is filled with great gift ideas...  As a disclaimer, I am not being compensated in anyway for this post!  All links are to my actual review of the featured products in this post. I promise, this is the stuff we truly love!

  1. My favorite APP... I LOVE LOVE LOVE NuuNest for new moms.  This app is AMAZING!!!! It was created by two nurses out of Canada, that also double as Lactation specialist.  Between them they have something like 25 plus years experience in nursing and lactation consulting.  These two know their shit, and have created the best app I have ever seen for new mothers. And trust me, I have tested a ridiculous amount! SURPRISE, I have five gift codes for this app I am going to gift to the first five people to email me.  Please only email if you will use it, or know someone who will.  Email me at:  Firsttimemomanddad @ Gmail .com

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2. My sister talked me into doing this review, and am I glad she did!  I use this PackIt cooler all year long. It is great for grocery shopping, keeping water cold in the summer… It's awesome, and I use it regularly. The best part is that they range in cost from something like $10-20.  Def worth the money!

3.This safety screen for the window is EPIC!!!  I only have one in the nursery for now, but when spring rolls around I will have one for every window the man-child can get to.  I LOVE this!!!  

4. Reusable food pouches are the best! This one is a great gift idea for a mom of a child 6months-6 years! I stuff Ollies with Applesouce, yogurt, even soup! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!  You can find these just about anywhere now, the trice is to make sure you find one with a strong zipper closure, and NEVER over fill it.  

5. This one was a surprise too.  The Pasta Shoppe Pasta.  I love this pasta.  They have all kinds of different varieties, including the best damn Chicken Noodle mix I have ever used! The pasta is yummy, and perfect bite size pieces for the the little one.  I get the pasta at a local shop, so you are not limited to online ordering with them.  Contact them to find a shop near you!

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 6.The GoPod. yes, another KidCo product.  Needless to say, I LOVE KidCo.  Geniuses are over there. Geniuses. This thing is AWESOME!  I wish they made one big enough to hold Ollie now.  We used it from when he was 6 months up to a year old!  You can get them at Babies R' Us and other retailers.  Such an awesome gift for fun parents who are constantly on the go with a baby, or just to have at the grandparents house.  #LOVE!

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7. SplashN'Boots! We love their DVD and CD.  In a world where even Disney has 13 year old children having relationships and kissing on TV… I am doing my best to shelter my son from it for as long as possible.  And Like the Wiggles, SplashN' Boots is keeping it fun, clean and full of learning.  SplashN'Boots also appeals to kids from 2-10, so they have great staying power.  Def worth checking this husband/wife combo out!  To Read the plashN'Boots review Click Here (A New Window Will Open, so you can come back to this page easily.)

8. The TootScoot!  This is a toddler training bike without the peddles. After my review, I gave it to my nephew on his 3rd birthday.  Ollie was too small, and I didn't want it to sit around… My Brother said my nephew took right too it.  And LOVED it. Then, after a few months my brother decided to get him a new style tootscoot like bike, that had rubber wheels instead of the hard plastic ones on the TootScoot.  Ok my friends this part is important.  The TootScoot is slow, and low to the ground.  PERFECT for super littles.  The rubber wheel ones are bigger and go WAY faster.  That is the main difference according to my brother, so if you are thinking of getting one, consider how high up and fast you want your little to go...
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9. The BibbySitter.  This was another surprise.  Basically it is a massive bib that Velcros in the back AND has the option to basically click on to the chair to hold your kid in place.  We do not feed Ollie anything messy without strapping this on him. It's really great, especially because Ollie has been ripping his bibs off since he was a year old, so this is all we have found we can use. He thinks it is a shirt.  This would be another great gift idea for a mother of a baby 6 mos to 2+!  I just wash it off after a meal, hang it to dry, and reuse.  Keeps the laundry from being a pile of messy clothes!

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10.  eBooks!  I love books, and now ebooks too! Thankfully, so does the Man-Child. (Think car rides, shopping carts and waiting rooms.) Hands down my favorite ebook author is Julia Dweck. She is an elementary school teacher who knows the recipe for a great book.  Each book has a fun story with a quick witted fun rhyming flow to match. The illustrations are always vibrant and fun too. Most of all, each book has a great underlying message paired with fun facts to add an educational element! I really cannot say enough about this author's range of books.  Tip: If you like her Facebook page, you can follow along for updates on when she has book sales, and sometimes flash sales where a book will be free for a short period!  LOVE!!!! Her latest book, Monkey Fun, just hit an eShelf near you… Since I have not reviewed this book on the blog, CLICK HERE to go to Julia's Author page (A new window will open so you don't leave my page all together!)

And there you have it.  Our 10 favorite reviews of 2013.  Are there any products you LOVED in 2013?

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