20 Defining MOMents of Motherhood. A.k.a. You Know You're a Mom When...

    Hearing your newborn baby's first cry is no doubt one of the most amazing and profound moments in a woman's life. But what about all of the other unforgettable MOMents of motherhood?  
    Like that MOMent when...
  1. You get your baby home from the hospital and realize, you have no clue what you are doing.
  2. It's clear that breastfeeding is anything but, "Plug and Chug"
  3. You realize you can survive off zero sleep for six months straight.
  4. You're standing in the store and realize everyone is staring at you because have spit up all over you. As usual, you didn't bother looking in the mirror before leaving the house.
  5. You find yourself in the shower at 4am because you have just been pooped, puked and peed on simultaneously during a "routine" diaper change.
  6. Thanks to your lack of sleep and inability to get out in the sun, your dark circles and pasty skin have caused you to be mistaken for the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse.
  7. You try to summon the devil in the wee hours of morning in an attempt to trade your soul to get ONE more hour of sleep.  
  8. You can smell a loaded diaper from across the playground, and have no doubt it belongs to your child. It's true... you can smell your own.
  9. You realize just how important the 'free cookie' at the grocery store is. 
  10. You learn just how dangerous a quiet toddler is. 
  11. Your make-up has been used to color on the wall and carpet. 
  12. It's undeniable that there's a hidden sensor in your couch that alerts your spouse and child you have sat down.
  13. You don't even bother closing the door when you go into the bathroom anymore. 
  14. Your child said "Shit", because so did you.
  15. Your phone is in the toilet, because all you wanted was three minutes of peace and quiet when you handed it over..
  16. You are certain you a better chance of winning the lottery, than cleaning the house with a toddler around.
  17. You stop caring what other people think, and raise your child like a BOSS!
  18. You think you are going to lose your sanity if your child does not stop throwing food, screaming for no reason, unloading every drawer in the house, trowing everything in his path, climbing on the coffee table and refusing to take a nap... ALL BEFORE NOON... but some how don't... DEFINING!
  19.  Motherhood has turned you into one badass warrior woman... 
  20. That MOMent you realize being a mother is the best thing that's ever happened to you.

That's my boy! 

What are your favorite MOMents?

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