Top 5 winter workouts

As the long nights draw in and the heating goes on, the desire to go for a run can dwindle - why brave the cold when you can snuggle up and watch Downton Abbey? Save the numb fingers and exercise at home with these five indoor winter workouts that keep you inside and in shape.

Mountain climb
Get into the plank position - straight arms supporting your weight with hands below your shoulders, stomach pulled in and body in a straight line. Bring your right knee towards your left shoulder, twisting the torso and exhaling, then return to plank and repeat with the left knee towards the right shoulder. Continue alternating legs for one minute: start with a measured pace and speed up as you grow stronger and more confident.

Squat kick
Standing in front of your sofa, bend your knees, push your bottom back as if you are about to sit down, arms behind your head with elbows out, chest lifted, belly tight and shoulders relaxed. Don't sit on the sofa but rise steadily up, kicking your right leg out in front of you with a flexed foot. Return foot and repeat squat, kicking the left leg. Alternate for one minute.

Tricep dip
Place hands on the seat of a sturdy kitchen chair, feet on floor, legs bent, arms straight and fingers facing the same direction as your body. Lift your bottom and hold stomach tight. Bend your elbows backwards to lower your body towards the chair and push back up.

Press up
Face the chair, hands on the seat and legs out behind you in press up position. Gently lower your body towards the chair, elbows bending outwards. Push back up and repeat.

Ab curl
Lie on your back, feet on floor and knees pointing up at the ceiling. Gently contract your stomach muscles so your ribs move towards your hips, and lower.

As with all exercise, pay attention to your body and stop if you feel any pain. You might not be headed to the gym, but make sure you're wearing the right sporting gear with a pair of Nike Air Max from Littlewoods. Challenge yourself and do all the exercises in a circuit, combined with some intense cardio intervals. Forget the hot chocolate - this is real winter warmer!

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