I completed the 30/30 Challenge! Did you?

It is with great pleasure that I am writing today's post.  I am lighter, happier and so damn proud of myself! Thirty days ago when I challenged myself (and you) to walk for thirty minutes for thirty days, I was amped!  I mean, I was so stoked to lose weight, feel great and improve my sleep and mood. Little did I know, this challenge was going to be super hard, and at times, kick my ass!

When I decided to post the challenge on this blog, I had all the greatest intentions and expectations.  I thought, it's 30 minutes of walking, for thirty days, surely I could do that!  I was already walking about 4-5 days a week, and sometimes for well over an hour at a time. I never thought walking everyday would be such a challenge!

 I think it was about day five that I realized that this 'challenge,' was going to be a huge freaking challenge! Still, I drug my ass out and walked... and when I say drug my ass out, I mean my inner voice had to repeatedly say, get off your ass and walk you lazy shit! When the weather was not perfect, motivation was very hard to come by. 

WEEK 1 Photos!
Notice the picture of both of us pushing the stroller...
Yeah, that morning, it took a team effort.

By week two I was not sure I was going to make it!  I was sick of walking, and wanted to quit.  Who needs to walk seven days a week anyway?  Four to Five days is plenty! dammit... still I kept on walking...

WEEK 2 Photos!
Week two was all about letting my kid run around.
 I told myself I had to get out for him more than me. 

By week three I was feeling pretty good!  I was walking taller, my pants were noticeably looser, and most of all, I had this sense of empowerment that was fueling my fire to walk.

WEEK 3 Photos! 
This week I noticed the scenery, and enjoyed my surroundings.
Walking became much much much easier!
By week four I was sure I would never stop walking...  In fact, I even ran a few days!

Week 4 Photos!
This week I started to fall in love with the foliage changing....
I also became a mall walker thanks to cold rainy weather.
OK, Before I go on I have a confession to make...

My name is April, and I am a mall walker.

That's right. A. Mall. Walker.

One of the malls in my area has an indoor playground that Ollie loves. So on the last day of the challenge, the forecast called for a miserable day, so I took a girlfriend's advise and took Ollie to the mall for a walk and play.  It was AWESOME!!  At 8:30 in the morning everyone at the mall is a walker, or mom with a kid on the playground, so no shoppers to slow you down.  If you live in a cold climate, I really recommend this.  I was completely blown away by how great it was.

I digress...

The final wrap up...

I feel so good. I am walking taller, leaner and with pride.  All of my clothes fit well, and my self esteem is has even had a boost.  I really feel great.  Hard work pays off for sure.  Will I keep walking everyday?  I don't know.  I did walk today, and hopefully will tomorrow.  I do know this for sure. I feel so wonderful there is no way I will just stop exercising all together.

For those of you who took me up on this challenge, I hope you feel as great as I do...  For those of you who did not join in... it's never too late...

For more information on the 30/30 Challenge, CLICK HERE.


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