10 Badass Things I Am Thankful For

Tis the season to be thankful, so I thought I would share a few of the things I am thankful for. Since my son, husband, family, pets, health, their health, the roof over our heads, the food in our bellies, and the fresh clean air we breathe are a given that I am so very thankful for, I am not going to bore you with a list of them, rather I am going to share with you things I am thankful for that make life extra especially badass. Here are my, Top 10 Badass Things I Am Thankful For.

1. Patience. I am so thankful for patience.  Without it I would not be such a badass mother.  I didn't really have much before becoming a mother, but since… I can sit and read the same book over and over and over again, and even enjoy it.  I can diligently keep putting my toddler back in his bed 100 times a night without losing my mind. Oh, and thanks to patience, I am capable of not slapping big mouthed parents who love to offer unsolicited crap advice.

2. The Park. That place is gold! After an hour at that jungle gym of awesomeness my kid is happy, calm, and easy to put to sleep. 

3. Sleep.  Speaking of awesomeness. Before becoming a parent sleep was over rated. I only saw the ass-crack of dawn when I was saying good night to it. Now, I love sleep. LOVE IT! I want it all of the time. 

4. My Blog Readers. I love you. Some of you have become dear friends.  Some of you have helped me through tough times. Some of you make me feel like I am an awesome mom, and some make me feel like I am not alone when I stumble at parenting. But all of you are so wonderful, because without you I would be lost some days, especially on the ones I need encouragement and support. Thank you.

5. My Apple. My computer is so damn important to me.  Sometimes I feel like it is a time machine that takes me away to far away place, which is epic, because sometimes I desperately need that. 

6. The DVR. and the person who invented it.  As I mentioned before, sleep is my favorite, New Girl and The Big Bang Theory are up there too, so on nights when sleep is more important then Jess, I am thankful that my DVR makes it so I don't have to choose between my sleep and shows.

7. My Mom. Single mother to three children. Who does that?  My mom. Until I became a mom I did not fully appreciate her. Now, I am convinced that my mom is a freaking saint!  The sacrifices she must have made to provide for and raise three children alone...  Shit... I am so thankful that she was able to do something I am sure I could not.

8. Washing Machines. I'm here to tell you if I had to wash all of my family's clothes by hand, we would be a naked family.  I mean, naked. The amount of laundry a child can make is redonkulous, then add in me and FTD... hells no I am not doing that much by hand! Naked, I tell you.

9.  Baby Wipes. Honestly, I should have baby wipes up with family and air. They are, in my opinion, the greatest invention for parents, EVER! I can clean my house, my son's ass, the cats ass, the car, the shopping cart, the door knobs, my phone, your phone, and damn near everything else with those suckers. Hip Hip Hooray to those those magic little carpets of cleaning wonder.

10. The Holidays.  Life goes so fast, and the world can get so complicated making it easy for me to get so caught up in it all that I forget to spend time with my loved ones, being thankful for our blessings.  I am so thankful that the holidays come around to remind us to slow down, be thankful and love each other.  

Happy Thanksgiving My Friends.  
I hope you spend it with the ones you love, being thankful for each other.

What Badass things are you thankful for?

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Unknown said...

I am thankful for having our blogationship, being able to wake up and laugh every morning with Ollie's shining face :) I am also very grateful for these days of coffee and wine. Go ahead- judge me- I don't care- I am enjoying every moment while I can!

Unknown said...

and I am just so thankful to have met YOU! yes YOU, you freakin' wonderful, funny and talented lady. Have a fabulous Thanksgiving and don't forget to wipe the turkeys arse while you're at it XXXXX

April McCormick said...

My friend, you are about to get knocked up again… you better enjoy the caffeine and booze while you can. Soft cheeses and sushi too! But, take heart in knowing I will consume all of the above for you like a BOSS, while you are pregs! Because I am awesome like that. THANK YOU!

April McCormick said...

#11. LOTTIE! I just adore you to bits! BITS! I hope you are warm and full of spanish wine. And free of Bomberos! xx Grassy-ass señora.

Alissa said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! First of all... Thankful for you!! But you already know that. Baby wipes are AWESOME. I was just telling my coworker who doesn't have kids all of the things you can clean with them... Who needs dusting cloths and sprays?? Hand me some baby wipes and I am good!

Thankful for craft beer.... and a husband who has a passion for it enough that we are brewing a new batch every month and have 5-15 gallons on tap at any given moment... My cats who keep me snuggly warm at night, my beautiful boys who make me simotaneously adore them and pull my hair out at the same time. Oh yeah and chocolate, oreos, and coffee. I would die an unhappy person without them. And AGATES, I love them and am thankful I love them. Ha!

April McCormick said...

Alissa. My Dear Friend. You are freaking goods. Goods, I tell you! Happy Thanksgiving. BIG EPIC HUGS!

Layes Landing said...

Great list April! I was just nodding and giggling in agreement on every one!