It's Time To Wean. (For Real This Time)

The time has come...

WEAN. WEAN. WEAN. WEAN.  Please wean! <------ Lately, I have been saying that to myself and Ollie everyday.

I know I have said that I need to wean before, but now it is seriously time.  The man child is TWENTY months old. Plus, thanks to FTD referring to my boobies as 'biddy' when it comes to nursing, Ollie does too.  My friends, 'biddy' sounds WAY to close to 'titty' when coming out of a toddler's mouth. Yes, he has asked for what sounds more like 'tiddy' in public! Enough. Is. Enough.  I need to to wean, and I need your help, God's Help, a professional's help, luck, and most of all a freaking back bone to say, 'NO MORE TIDDY!'

I really am ready this time.  I positively refuse to consider having baby number two before baby number one is weaned.  I need (at least) one month of completely owning my body before I pass it over to another pregnancy and round of nursing--should I be blessed enough to be able to do it again.

I have tried a few things to wean Ollie, including milk, almond milk, smoothies, drinkable yogurt, and cry-it-out.  None have worked.  Oliver is just not interested in anything when I am around, and with FTD at work full time, I am going to have to do it.

Yes, I'm prepared to let ice cream become a food group if I have to.

Luckily, we are down to nursing twice a day, at nap and bed time.  I am fairly certain it is more for comfort than anything else.  Now, I am not one to go and screw up a good nap time, but I am willing to forgo a few days of a good naps if it means weaning.

The latest tip I have is to try a bottle of warm milk.  Oliver never took a bottle. Well, he has taken a few, but he was never that interested, and since I hated pumping, that was never an issue. That being said, I would much rather wean him from a bottle than me, so if I can pass-the-buck so to speak, so be it. However, if this method is not going to work, or has a huge downfall, please let me know.

My friends, today's post is all about asking for help.  I need advice, tips and tricks.  If you have weaned, or have any tips, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!

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