Fun Facts About Kids

Not all facts about kids are funny, but most of them are. Here, we have shortlisted seven facts, you might not know about kids. Some relate to their safety, but others are as funny as you think.

     1.‘Tone’ that fact: You know that your three year old boy shouts really loud. But did you know that in reality, if compared to the noise in a crowded restaurant having around 200 people at a time, his voice will still be louder. So, you are not wrong grinding about him shouting but what can be done?

2. Answer their questions: When you little one is four-year-old, he asks more than 400 questions a day. However, not many reach your ears as you are busy with something or the other. Still, you hear a number of them and answer to them too. So, how many questions did you hear today and how many of them did you answer?

3. Telly fact: How many times have you noticed this? When your child gets hurt, they keep on crying but the time their favorite cartoon or song is on television, they keep watching it and forget about their pain. This is true. For children, watching TV can act as a painkiller and forget about what has happened. However, something that is not of their interest might not be helpful. So, book some of his favorite cartoon DVDs online. For the same, look out for discount coupons on ChameleonJohn. It can help.

 4. Hand Burns: With children around, you need to keep risky items away from them always. But a noted fact says that your child when six years old, needs that additional effort from your end. This is because, at this age, the risk of having injuries to the hand is the greatest.

5.     Bony issues: Did you know that a child’s kneecaps are made of cartilage when they are born. They turn bony only at the age of three. So, be careful with their kneecaps till the age of three, at least.

6.     Turn on the microwave: You train your kids to do a number of things since they are born. One of them might be to make them understand the use of a microwave and give them instructions to use it. Age three, he might not get it. Age four, he might understand it a bit. Age five, he understands it better. Age six, he is still making some mistakes. Age seven, he uses it properly. This is because the fact notes that the average age a child starts using a microwave is seven. So, don’t get annoyed if your child is still making mistakes. He will learn with time. Be patient.

7.     Weight-height issues: It is a fact. Mothers run behind the child checking his/ her weight while father keep checking the height. The child is being monitored by parents, and it is their headache. If you are looking for the right measuring tools, buy it online. Don’t forget to check online for coupons, as there are a number of discount coupons to make the deal less costly.

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