What You Do Today, Can Improve All of Your Tomorrows.

It is time to Lean into my legacy... what ever that may be.

The only thing I want more than a happy fulfilled life, is for my child to be proud of me. I want my son to gush about me to his peers. I also want him to live a life filled with chasing his dreams. I want to teach my son that following his dreams is such an important part of life. Of course, this would mean that I would have to lead by example. Which would require a large amount of dream chasing courage.

My dream?

As if.

I want to be a writer.

I want live in a beautiful home, write beautiful articles and fabulous novels, and even a few mind-blowing scripts for TV shows...  OK, and maybe any thing else my overly active imagination can think of.  Unfortunately I am not independently wealthy, and neither is my husband.  In fact, we live in an 800 sqft third floor walk-up shoebox with our son and cat, a very large cat!

That's The Professor.
He talks a lot.
That is his Queen Anne Chair in the background.
He is a pimp daddy catty. 

We are so far from living The American Dream it is not funny.

I want so bad for my blog and freelance writing to launch me into a proper, (lucrative), career as a writer. I dream about this all of the time.






However, after nearly two years of writing and obnoxious self promotion, I am starting to loose hope in that miracle email that catapults me into published stardom. And with the Man-Child nearing the age of preschool, I am at an important, and somewhat upsetting crossroads. It's time to get serious about my future and, well, figure out what I am going to really be when I grow up.

Do I quit the blog and find a real job, or do I continue to build on this platform and follow my dream to be a writer, while going back to work as an Advertising Executive?

I do both.  I never ever give up my dream.  I just cannot do it!  And by the grace of God and a wonderful friend, when I start to see my dream drift to sea, I get a text message that says, "How is that book coming along?"  Of course I give a few whoa is me excuses, but after a bit of back and forth, I am reenergized and back on track, and even add a few more sentences to my book, my dreams.

Why am I telling you this?

Because, I know you have a dream too!  I have no doubt that pre-parenthood, or maybe even post parenthood (That brilliant parenting contraption has come to mind!) you had/have that life changing dream you daydream about, then store away when life gets too hectic to even remember to eat and shower.  Well, stop storing it away!  Like me, write a couple of sentences of that dream each day into your reality.  Don't let that dream go because you cannot go balls out on it!  Remember, Slow and Steady Wins the Race. 

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Two confused parents=One amused baby Hopelessly we are trying raise a baby who is clearly smarter than both of us. April is an award-winning writer and blogger. Her work has been published in over ten countries and four languages. From books to newspapers, to print/online magazines and everything in between, you can find her work. For more on April, Visit AprilMcCormick.com


Unknown said...

NEVER stop chasing that dream! and if you don't do it for you- you've got the man-child watching your every move- so I'll use that as a little persuasive pressure.

And at the same time- thank you for the reminder- because some days I'm happy just to fall into bed in one piece without shattering into a thousand little pieces, so following a dream seems far off. But it shouldn't be that way- it should be our dreams leading us, and the troubles and drama of the day is what should be the background and far off factor.

Thank you (as always)!!!!

Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families said...

I too want this dream. It is a work in progress and it is something that I enjoy doing. I haven't been that great at it the last few weeks due to illness and severe pain.

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

OMG< Jessika thank you! This comment is fantastic, and so are your texts... xx

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

Christy, both you and your blog are brilliant. You are most certainly on the right track! Sorry to hear that you are both ill and in pain. Sending hugs and prayers to you.

Alissa said...

Never give up on your dream April!!! You are an amazing writer and I KNOW you can succeed at it. I have a dream too and that is to be my own boss working on my flower business. However now that I have two kids that dream has changed a little... for now I do have to hold a full-time job and do the flowers on the side. Sometimes I think I should just give it up but I love it too much!! My business was my baby before I had babies... and darn it... I am GOOD at what I do. So until the kids are old enough to be in school and to not have a daycare payment I will continue to work full-time and build my dream on the side. One day I will fulfill that dream though, it just will take some time. Now get back to work on that book... I am dying to read it :)