The Dude Has a 'Tude.

It's official, I think a diva alien has taken possession of my sweet little toddler, because that man-child ain't so sweet anymore! Some how the little dude has worked up a super 'tude.  I mean a super-duper show stopping attitude that demands attention. Lately, he has been acting like he is large and in charge, yelling, pushing, throwing Hot Wheels and stomping off, and OH. MAH. GAWD. It is SO funny! I cannot help it, being the good mommy that I am, sometimes when he freaks out about the most ridiculous thing I laugh at him. Another favorite of mine is when he lays on the floor and starts losing it over absolutely nothing,  I look down, shake my head and say, "Are you kidding me right now?" and then walk off... laughing.  To which he gets even more pissed off. Hell yes I plan on getting, 'Mom of The Year 2013!

I have no doubt that laughing at him is wrong, but dammit I cannot help it, sometimes the meltdowns are just so absurd I have to laugh!  I mean look at his annoyed face... tell me it is not funny! This is not a staged or lucky shot... this is one of his normal, "Bitch, please!" faces.

Or, when it is time to put on his clothes, this is what I usually get... "Come on buddy, lets put some pants on.  Mommy wears pants..."

NO! Pants are stupid. 

FUNNY! FUNNY! FUNNY!  OK, I admit, to get me back he usually makes putting said pants on a bitch. Still, watching him try to assert some authority is just plain funny business.  

I have come to the conclusion that part of it is mine and FTD's fault. He is just mimicking how we act when we get upset or frustrated with him. (Minus the lying on the floor spinning around and screaming of course... only FTD does that.)  I mean, I get his rational...  when mommy and daddy get mad they bust out an attitude, sometimes even raise their voices and throw a fit, so why shouldn't he? I'm sure he thinks that is just how you are supposed to behave when you get upset. He just takes it to a toddler capacity.

Now, all of that being said.. I do know that this is a crucial time in teaching him right from wrong, and respect. I know I should not encourage that behavior, and for that reason... I look away when I know letting him see me laugh hysterically at him is not ideal. Once I nearly even bit my tongue off trying not to laugh! I know admitting this will take me out of the running for Mother of the Year, but....  his wild attitudes and freak out reactions, are sometimes the highlight of my damn day!

Sometimes he is just so damn funny when he freaks out, I cannot help but laugh.  My favorite is when he throws a toy and takes off down the hall yelling, and by the time he is halfway back he sees a new toy and completely forgets what he is pissed off about.  Or when I do not do what he wants, he comes over and yells at me in baby babble.  He asserts himself with such authority... Dammit it is so funny!

I can honestly say, watching my toddler's personality develop is by far my favorite thing going on with him right now.  I love seeing his sweet and kind side, and nothing is more amazing than when he comes over to give me cuddles and kisses unprovoked, AMAZING!  While I am not fond of his nasty attitudes and meltdowns in public, watching him assert himself and behave like he is really the one is charge is certainly fun to watch.

It's all about taking the good with the bad right?  Well, it is also about finding the good in the bad! This  is probably the only way I will survive toddlerhood with my mind and nerves in tact.

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