Sunday Book Review: Humpfree The Humpless Camel By Julia Dweck

It is with so much pleasure that I get to review today's book, Humpfree The Humpless Camel, by Julia Dweck. Some of you may remember Julia's name from my review of one of her first eBooks, "Where Are The Dinos?". Just like I gushed all over that book, prepare to listen to me gush all over this one.  Oh, this book is so gooooooood.....

Humpfree The Humpless Camel, is an brilliantly written and illustrated children's book that follows a humpless camel who is crestfallen that he is so different from the other camels. The poor guy sees all of the other camels with their big beautiful humps, and desperately wants to have humps too.

So, he decides he will go find some humps!

Throughout the story Humpfree finds all kinds of fun things that he tries to fashion into humps, including boulders and even bird feathers! Luckily, before Humpfree breaks his back, he gets some wonderful news about his humpless self that makes being a humpless camel not such a bad thing...

Julia stays true to her talent and style in keeping the book flowing quickly with fun witty rhymes, while tying in a wonderful message for children.  Young-Min Yoon does and extraordinary job of bringing Julia's words to life with his fun and vivid illustrations.

Oh, this book is SO SO SO SO wonderful! I just cannot recommend it enough, or really ALL of Julia's books for that matter! In each and every book Julia keeps the story flowing and upbeat with her fun style and incredible illustrators.  Most of all, every book has a great message for children tucked inside it's pages.

Before I give you all of the information on how to find Julia Dweck's books, here is her Author's Notes from Humpfree The Humpless Camel.

Ahhh.  I just adore her...

OK! So...

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