Only one week left of the 30/30 Challenge...Have you lost as much as me?

I realized fairly quickly this is called the 30/30 CHALLENGE for good reason; It is certainly a challenge to get out and walk everyday. That first week was not easy at all.  The second week was easier, yet I still struggled a day or two to get off my lazy bottom. Now that I am rounding out the third week, I know I will surely make it, but will most likely not hold myself to the difficult challenge of walking daily once it is over. 

That being said... I am beyond thankful for this challenge, and what it has done for my mind, body and soul in three short weeks...
Week 3 photo recap.  
We took photos of things we enjoyed on our walks. 
My selfie is so there will be at least one photo of me taken during the 30 days!
In the last three weeks I have lost a half size (or more), stand taller, hold my flabby-- c-section wrecked--belly in as I walk, and am trying to focus on my diet as well. (Sorry no weight loss numbers because I do not own a scale; they are evil bitches. I just go by how my clothes fit.) Most of all, I really do feel great all around. I feel lighter, more relaxed as a whole, and happier.  This challenge is really living up to the expectations that I had. Too bad I have to work out to gain the benefits. That's right I said it.  

With the winter months blowing in, I am really concerned over how I will continue this good thing I have going.  I really do feel wonderful, and in three short weeks I have lost weight and improved my overall mood!  I need to hold on to this to survive the miserable winter.  I have to. My sanity depends on it!

In an effort to keep this dream of not having a flabby ass and bad attitude alive, I have been looking at yoga studios in the neighborhood, and some workout videos provided 'OnDemand' by my cable provider. Oh, and at night I squeeze my eyes shut really tight and wish really hard for an elliptical machine, so I can continue to reap the benefits of working out once the below freezing temps making walking outside sucky.

I know myself better than to set a lofty goal of working out 5+ day a week.  I need to create a routine that works for me and my limited time.  Ideally, I need to incorporate this into my normal weekly routine so it becomes second nature. That is the only way I have a snowball's chance in hell that I will stick to it. For that reason,  I am going to set a goal of three yoga/workout videos a week to start with, and then see where I go from there. 

Still, there is one week left to go of the 30/30 Challenge, and a lot can happen in a week, so for now, I am going to just focus on completing this challenge!

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear your thoughts.  How are you doing with the challenge? Or if you are not doing the challenge, but doing something else that is working for you I would LOVE to know about it!

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