20 AMAZING Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

October 13, 2016
I am in complete awe over the following pumpkins. It is absolutely mind blowing what people come up with when decorating these big round orange fruits!  Some don't even cut into them and still make a rad ass work of art out of them.

So without further ado...

20 Amazingly Badass Halloween Pumpkin Ideas...

This Pumpkin puts the 'P' in PLEASE do mine next year!


Ha!  I like it...

Not sure why... but...
This pumpkin reminds me of Honey Boo Boo...


This is friggin' fantastic! 

This is what my street looks like the day after Halloween.
Damn Kids...


Stop messin' around in that damn pumpkin.

It's like it just ate my cooking.

No.  Freakingh. Way. This is a pumpkin!

I WILL do this one day.
And I don't just mean me and FTD in the yard.
We are going to do this with Pumpkins too.

Gotta love this.

Hello Pumpkin Disco Ball.
Three cheers for the creative frat boys.

So that's what Clark W. Griswold does for Halloween.

Last but not least... For the normal peeps out there without the creative genious of Picaso...
or Serial killer kniffing skills... here are twenty more ideas...

OK.... bonus for those of you like me who really need super simple...

Happy Carving!

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