Do You Need a Timeout Worse Than a Toddler? I Bet You Do.

I was recently invited to take something called a Tech Timeout. Basically, I took a pledge to take one hour away from technology for three days straight.  You all, asking me to give up technology, even for one (waking) hour, is like asking CNN to report only the true facts for an hour. Seriously. Same thing. Almost impossible to fathom.

I am so super addicted to technology.  Helloooo I am a blogger plugged into every social media channel available. I'm so far gone into the technology dependent abyss that I even check my emails when I wake up in the middle of the night.  I know. I know. I need my head checked.

Being that I know I need to unplug from the tech world, I happily accepted the challenge. If nothing else,  just to see if I could do it.

My first Tech Timeout occurred at 3pm on Friday, September 6, 2013.  I chose 3pm because that is normally when my day has a lull.  I will sneak away to have some tech time while ollie has a small snack and watches Wiggles. So for my first tech timeout, instead of sneaking away for email time, while the man-child ate his snack, I read him a couple of books.  (I would show you pictures but I couldn't use technology!)

Then we played with his Hot Wheels in his room.  By the time we were finished playing with toys and a little game of "I'm gonna get you!"  it was nearly 5pm! My Tech Timeout lasted TWO HOURS!  Yes, I did think about checking my email or taking a picture a few times, but when I accepted that it was not an option, I was able to let go and focus on my son. HUGE!

For both Saturday and Sunday's timeouts, I read.  After I put Ollie down for his nap, I grabbed my book and went outside to read.  I left my phone inside, on vibrate.  This was a very liberating thing.  My phone is like a life line to me.  Why I do not know. It's not like I get calls all day. I am not popular, my emails can wait, Candy Crash should be sent straight to hell, and social media is turning my brain to mush! My phone is the root of my technology strife! Sorry,  I digress... I read for nearly two hours while Ollie slept.  A. MA. ZING!  I spent four hours relaxing, and enjoying a great book this past weekend.  NO technology was involved. This will become a regular thing now.

On Monday, I took a tech timeout on my own.  In fact, I take one every day now.  The experience showed me how much I was missing each day obsessing over technology, or the things I am plugged into, thanks to technology.  I realize I need to work smarter when it comes to my blogging and social media.  I need to set out time for emails, and most of all, get control of my Candy Crush addiction. I waste so much time on my iPhone. Honestly,  I need to trade in my smart phone for a dumb phone.  I need a phone that makes calls and sends texts. That's it.  I spend more time on my phone everyday than on anything else.  I hate to say it, but I give my phone more undivided attention than my son.  SICK! SICK! SICK! What kind of example am I setting?

Do you need a tech timeout?  Does your entire family need a tech timeout?  Chances are, you all probably do.  Check out this Infographic. It' scary how dependent we ALL have become on texting and social media...

Staggering statistics right?  I don't want to let my son beocme that norm. I hate to admit it, but, clearly,  I already have.  I invite you and your family to join me on these Tech Timeouts.  The smarty pants behind this at techtimeout.com have come up with a list of 50 activities you and your family can do during your tech timeouts.  Check these out...

I sincerely hope this not only ones your eyes to the need to step away from technology for an hour a day, but I hope this helps your family to have more QUALITY time together.  

For more information on the timeouts, and to download a pledge form for your family to sign, visit www.techtimeout.com

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foodpixie said...

Love this post! When we moved to the city recently we were without internet access for 5 days. At first I felt completely disconnected since this has been my touchstone to the outside world since pregnancy, because we lived in the country. But by the second day I no longer cared. I felt less stressed and like I had all this extra time that appeared out of no where.

I love the idea of taking a technology break every day, and your idea of doing it when you would have used it most.

April McCormick said...

It really is liberating to step away. I feel like a better mom, or even have more fun when I put my emails and social media addiction on the back burner. My son is MUCH more important than Candy Crush. Thanks for your comment!

Layes Landing said...

Great post! I took a tech break this week by smashing my iphone when I dropped it at the zoo. When I got it repaired I realized I was in major withdrawals! I need "me time" and its usually social media so I can feel connected to other adults. I would trade social media in a hot second for a friend who could come over for coffee, but that requires so much logistics with schedules that social media is the easier option. I just have to make myself put it away after an hour....or two...and work harder on connecting with real people around me.

Jess said...

Love this. It's such an awesome idea! I always have my phone near me at all times. I tell myself it's in case something adorable or amazing happens with Arianna and I want to take a picture or video. It's all bs and I know it. I'm definitely addicted to my phone. I feel like I don't pay her enough attention, so this is a fantastic idea. I definitely will be trying it out. Thank your for my wake up call!! This is why you and your blog are so awesome.

Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families said...

I have been working on this during the week when I am at home all day with my toddler. I made a vow to myself that I wanted to take the time to teach him preschool. So far I have done great and have left my phone alone for an hour at a time or my computer.