Holy Mother of Crap... He talks!

I was just talking with a girlfriend, who's son is just a few days younger than Ollie, about how it seems over night our little babies have become little boys.  One minute they are toddling terrors, then the next they are running, climbing, and now, talking terrors!  Really. Over Night.

If you have a toddler terror crossing the 18-month old mark, or one that already has, then you know what I am talking about. It's no secret that Ollie was cruising at eight months, walking by ten and then full sprint running by his first birthday, which is well ahead of the curve.  But when it came to everything else, he was at times, well behind the curve.

 I ran around calling him a meat head for a while because he was super athletic, but not so great at talking, listening or even being interested in using utensils to feed himself.

Thank Goodness he cannot say everything he is thinking.

Then, somewhere right around sixteen months old, he started chatting/babbling up a storm. Some day's he would babble on like the world could understand, and what he had to say was GOLD! He would address me, FTD and sometimes complete strangers with stern instructions for what it was he wanted, and God help our ears when we failed to deliver.

I was proud of him for all of the babbling, but still could not help but be jealous of my friends with toddlers the same age who could give me a two page list of words their child (usually girls) were saying. Then, all of the sudden, two weeks ago Ollie says 'Moon!' and points to the sky.  Then the next day sticks his finger in a dirt pile, pulls it out and says, 'Dirt!', while shoving his dirt covered finger in my face.  I was truly amazed!

Of course for as long as I can remember FTD and I have been pointing at EVERYTHING and saying what it is.  Just like recently, I am sue Ollie learning dirt came from the big dirt piles left by the city when replacing water pipes on our street. --"See Ollie... Dirt! Dirt." Then, I nearly fell out of the dinning room chair last week when Ollie pointed to my plate and said, "Have some." I could not believe it! Then just today when he finished his bowl of applesauce, he picked up the bowl and proudly said, "All Done!" 

 Holy mother of Crap! He Can Talk. He is really starting to talk!

I was warned this would happen over night.  In fact, the warning was more of a, "You just wait, once he starts talking, he won't shut up."  However, I am still in the stage of wanting him not to shut up. I love hearing his little voice.  Even when I am sure he is pointing to something and saying Shit.  Seriously.  He said Shit in Macy's the other day.  I am hoping it was really his best try at Shirt or Shorts, but since we were in the home department... Whateves. My little boy is talking!

I just cannot get over how much he is growing and learning everyday.  I am sure it has been like this for...well... since he was born, but being able to actually see the major changes and hear his first words and sentences is AMAZING! Even though my toddler can be a terror sometimes, he still so bad ass and never ceases to amaze me with his learning and growing everyday.

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