So Cool Kids Soaps are just that, SO COOL! (Review w/ #Giveaway)

Today it is my sheer pleasure to tell you about a couple of products that I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE! OK, one more. LOVE!

I have the worst sensitive skin, and my fear is that Ollie will have it too. In fact, I am afraid he already has shown signs of it, from little bumps on his back when FTD uses the wrong soap on him in the bath.  For this reason, I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on “all-natural organic” soaps for Ollie.  In fact, once I spent $21 for this supposed miracle tear free baby soap.  I know… I need my head checked.  FTD reminded me of that the minute he found out how much I spent. FYI:  It sucked and was NOT tear free!  That all being said, I have recently been turned on to two types of soap the WHOLE family can use.  Finally.

So Cool Kids Soap is just that, SO COOL!  And what’s more it reminds both FTD and I of our child hood.  Check this out…

First, I will start with the Surf Sand Soap ($5.00)  Oh. MY. God. It is the best smelling, most wonderful bar of soap I have EVER used!!  It is infused with the fine pumice straight out of the ocean and every time I use it I am transported back to a beachy vacation.  FTD however, is transported back to the bath as a little boy.  In Australia he used a soap similar to this growing up.

The Surf Sand Soap is made with olive, palm, coconut and lemongrass essential oils, and fine grain pumice. Between the exfoliating power, the essential oils, and the incredible beach day smell, this soap is my new favorite of all time! Seriously.

Next, the So Cool Kids Glycerine soap (Starting at $3.50!).  What is there not to love about glycerine soap? For sensitive skin peeps like me, you know what I am talking about.  If not, here is a little lesson on why Glycerine soap is bad ass:

Glycerin soap is gentler on skin than most soaps, making it a good choice for people who have particularly dry or sensitive skin. Glycerin soap also has a lower pH than most regular bar soaps, which helps the skin retain its natural moisture. (YES, Please!) Since glycerin is hygroscopic, it may also help moisturize the skin by attracting water from the air. #AWESOME! Want to know more? Click Here.

So Cool Kids offers four different yummy smelling varieties; Watermelon, Orange, Mango and Banana. We have the Watermelon and Orange and LOVE them. In addition to having minimal ingredients and aloe vera, the soap is Gluten and Paraben free.

I am going to stop talking now so you can go check out the soaps for yourself! Oh, and So Cool Kids offers some great kids clothes as well! You can either buy the soap directly on the So Cool Kids website (Click Here) or at their Amazon Store (Click Here)

Want to win some soap too??  Enter below for your chance to win a huge Prize pack from co cool kids that include four Surf Sand Bars, and Four Glycerine Soap bars, and a couple of cool bracelets for the kids!

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