Motherhood Means Making Tough Choices....


If I have learned anything on my short journey through motherhood so far, is that it's ALL about choices.  Lots of very tough choices like... 

Should I...

Laugh or cry ... When I go to clean the cat litter out and find it full of Hot Wheels and mommy's make-up. (True Story) (When do the eyes grow in the back of my head that other moms speak of?)

Get annoyed or be impressed...When he pulls the cushion off the couch, jumps and put his leg through the small hole in the couch, then claims it as his (not-so) secret hiding place and stuffs it full of toys...

High five or scold... When he stands his ground against the bigger boy who is trying to bully him at the park, by knocking him out of the way to get down the slide first. 

Call daddy or keep the secret... When he jams DVDs into the PlayStation 3 console for the THOUSANDTH time.

Let him cry it out or run to his side... when he refuses to take his nap, or fake cries for attention.

Help or watch from a safe distance... when he climbs up the stairs at the playground

Smother with kisses or play it cool... When he finally crawls in my lap to play with his toy trains.  

Luckily, Motherhood is VERY forgiving. It's OK if you don't (want to) make the right choice every time.  God knows I prefer to be the high-fiving fist bump mom all. day. long.

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