Wordless Wednesday- One Word-Motivation. OK-One More- Funny

In honor of the 30/30 Challenge, (Only 6 Days away!) I thought I would take advantage of Wordless Wednesday, by sharing some motivational posters.  No. Seriously.  You know Those Motivational Posters... the ones that say "Motivation" underneath...  

I Googled Motivation, found them and decided to have a bit of fun, First Time Mom & Dad Style.  Happy Hump day (Humor) my friends, I hope you enjoy! AND Join me on the Super 30/30 Walking Challenge - YOU CAN DOOOOOO IT!!!

BAWAHAHAHA!  Dr. Phil just called you out!

Is this you? Because DR. Phil said it was.

That's right, MOVE IT!

Seriously. You want this hairy monster to come motivate you?

That's right, it's time to paddle, bitch. 

See...  MOVE IT! 

Let me know if you need me to arrange for this for you.

You See!  Your motivation will Motivate your child.
Think of yourself as a Tiger.

One step at a time.
At. A.

You know you have it.

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100% of your regrets, are the chances you never took...
That's right, off your ass and on your feet...

Yeah. That.

I sincerely hope you will join me next Tuesday.  This could really change your life. or at the very least, keep your pant size from going up this coming holiday and winter season!

(If you have no idea what I am talking about, CLICK HERE to find out and join in the 303/30 Walking Challenge!)

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