It's time for the 30/30 challenge. (NOT a review! This is ALL me!)

Yay the holidays are nearly here!  Crap the winter is coming...

I am a prime example of how history repeats itself. In three months I am going to be cold, five to ten pounds heavier, and most likely broke from the holidays. This is the vicious cycle of my life living in a cold climate during the holidays.  Well, enough is enough!  I am going set the wheels in motion to change that.  Hopefully you will join me!  (My Southern Hemisphere and warm winter friends don't you go running off just yet, you are going to want to get in on this too!)

A few months ago I caught an episode of "The Doctors," where they were talking about all kinds of different diet and exercise fads, and even had people test out a few.  Of them all, the one that stuck with me the most was the "30 Day Walking Challenge." Basically, you walk for thirty minutes a day for thirty days straight. That's it. You don't have to diet, lift weights or fall on your face in a Zumba class.  Just walk for 30-minutes for 30-days.

I know what you are thinking...

Ok, Ok, here is the motivation you need...

The plan has nothing to do with walking fast, at the same time of day, or even all thirty minutes at once.  You just add thirty extra minutes of walking to your day.  You can even walk as slow as you want!

This is how it worked out for the girl they had test it.

First of all,  she lost ELEVEN pounds just walking for 30-minutes for 30-days. She never altered her diet.  She was not very over weight, but not a skinny bitch either. She mentioned the first week was hard, and as expected she felt sore, but by the end of the second week she was feeling noticeably better! She also was creative with her walking; instead of taking two buses to work, she only took one, and walked the distance the other normally took her.

Most of all...

She said she had noticeably more energy, was sleeping better, and all-in-all felt better. She also is still walking, and with her husband now that the program "rubbed off on him" too! That is big!  Especially for not doing anything other than just walking. (You can watch the short clip of her experience HERE.  Please do, I think it will motivate you even more!)

So, my friends, that is what I propose we do!

Here is the First Time Mom & Dad 30/30 Challenge Plan...

The 30/30 challenge starts on Tuesday October 1st and ends on Wednesday October 30th.  This way we will finish the day before Halloween and, for some of us, the winter blahs start knocking at our door.  Plus, starting on a Tuesday is great. Who the hell has anything to do on a Tuesday?

All we have to do is walk for thirty minutes for thirty days.  None of that weighing, measuring, starving or dieting business.  This is about enhancing our Mind, Body and Spirit!  Ok, losing a few extra stones before the holidays attack our asses would be AWESOME too!

My hope is that...

By the end of the thirty days I have at least helped just one person feel better, look better and even want to keep going.  I know it is possible, because I have already helped one person... me.

On August 20th I started walking 4-5 times a week with Ollie.  Just like the girl said by the 14th day I was feeling energized and even looked forward to my morning walk.  I have also lost nearly a dress size ! And mind you, I did not walk everyday like the plan, and sometimes it was 30 minutes of stop-and-go while Ollie poked dirt piles and hugged trees.

Yes, FTD is responsible for this. 
I am excited to see what happens when I actually walk everyday for thirty days. I really hope you will get in on this awesomeness too! So, find a friend, dust off your walking shoes, oil up the stroller, get the bus or train schedule and remap your commute...  Skinny bitches, you too! This is about MIND, body & SPIRIT!  You will benefit from this as well.

Today's post is a soft launch of the 30/30 program!  I just want to get you thinking about it.  Next Friday I will post more details, and even some sponsors who are going to give out some inspiring stuff to keep you walking.  But, I want to be clear, this is something I am doing on my own!  I reached out to sponsors, I came up with this plan for October 1st-30th. I am not making any money off of this. At. All.

I really feel great from walking and want to share that greatness with you. 
Plus, I really believe this could change at least one persons life, 
and that will make it MORE than worth it. 

So, stay tuned and get ready!  
The 30/30 Challenge Begins in 12 Days...

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