Holy Crap! It's the greatest App ever! Seriously. You have got to see this! You Promised.

Beware bullshitters... your day has come!  It’s App-Tastic Time...

How many times has someone (Think: Boyfriend/Husband/Partner/Child/Teenager/Bestie/Boss) made a promise to you and then broke it, insisting they never promised?  Too many times right? Well now they will be... BUSTED with this App! It’s called You Promised and it records the Promisors voice agreeing to what ever it is that you have come up with! How awesome is that??? FREAKING AWESOME!!

Watch this... it's super funny and such a familiar type of situation for so many of us!

So yes, clearly this app is great for "Moms & Dads"... But think of the possibilities!!  Husbands, friends, siblings, parents, bosses... 

For example:

FTD is the bloody worst when it comes to agreeing for conversations sake, and then insisting the conversation never happened.  This usually comes into play when my mom or an event he doesn’t want to go to is involved. 

Me: “Honey, I got free tickets to a concert on Saturday!  We have front row seats!”
FTD: “Great.”
ME: “So you will go?”
FTD: “Hell No!”
FTD: “Fine. Whatever. Just get out of the way I can’t see the footy.”

Day Before Concert...

FTD: “What bloody concert?”

At this point we go back and forth with me recounting our previous conversation when he agreed to go, then he insists he would never agree to such a lame concert.  And well… any one in this situation knows what kind of discussion follows for the next 24 hours.

Now my friends....  Now… Thanks to my new best friend, the developer of the App You Promised, FTD cannot deny he agreed to something because I have his voice recorded agreeing to go!  SUCKER... SUCK IT!!! 

Here is how it works….

Open the app and fill in the contract...

BOOM! You have all the proof you need to jog their memory when they try to deny ever agreeing... SUCK IT SUCKERS!!

You know you have to have this App! Plus, it is only .99 cents!!  To Download it now CLICK HERE!!

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