Eepples Milk Charms- The new mother's timekeeper! Review & #Giveaway!

Have you ever come across a new baby product and thought, where the hell where you when my kid was a baby? Of course you have!   Well today’s product is that way for me.  In fact, I sent the owner and creator an email once my Milk Charms arrived saying just that!  These little wonders would have saved me a lot of time and guessing back in the days of my pumping and baby bottle use. I present Eepples Milk Charms, the new mother’s timekeeper…

  • Double sided dial: one side features the days of the week, the other time of day
  • Works with virtually any bottle
  • Made from food grade polypropylene and silicone, BPA and phthalate free materials
  • 100% recyclable and made with as much recycled material as the manufacturers can get their hands on!
  • Made in the USA in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Dishwasher safe - top rack
  • UL tested
  • Patents pending
  • Works with formula too
  • Pack of 3 - features three attractive color combinations

Some of you will have to reminisce with me, while others will probably relate to this next story of the days of pumping and bottles. Don't worry it is not a crazy rant... OK maybe a little...

Remember when you were finished pumping or making your baby's bottles and then had to label them with the time and/or day they were made?  Now, remember those ridiculous little circle stickers the bottle companies made to help with labeling- yes I am referring to those stupid little dots that would fall off the minute you stuck them on!  I swear I had those stickers stuck to everything but the damn bottles.  SO ANNOYING!

Well, it appears the creator of the Eepples Milk Charms had the same annoying issue. So much so she created these super awesome, easy to use timekeepers for the busy mom (read: forgetful sleep deprived mom who just needs something to be simple and convenient for once in her early mothering days!)
Here are some photos I took myself to show just how easy to use and versatile these Milk Charms are…
The three milk charms are included in a pack for $15.
The dials themselves are hard plastic,
with strong plastic stretchy loops that fit around most any bottle, cup, or container.

One side of the milk charms has a time dial...

While the revers side has the days of the week.
this way you can label each bottle with both the day and time it was made...
or needs to be used!
You choose.

The elastic band stretches wide for easy use on almost any container.

While these Milk Charms are great for all parents using bottles; these little flower power timekeepers are especially great for nursing mothers who pump some bottles to be left on the counter, some for the daycare and some for later. And speaking of later... I am using them now to put a time or day stamp on Oliver’s open Smoothies, and left over cold snacks, so the options are endless even into the toddler days.

I'm sure it goes without saying,  I definitely recommend these to new mother's. At $15 for a pack of three, you will definitely get your monies worth, especially since you have probably already spent $15 on those stupid dot stickers that don't stick!

To order your pack of three now, CLICK HERE!

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