Caption This... Wordless Wednesday Edition...FTD Style...

If only I knew what he was thinking...

Yo ladies! The Champagne is on ice - Wanna come over and check out ma crib?

What idiot designed this thing with a bloody great hole in the tray?

Geez mummy! The speed limit is clearly posted as 35 miles NOT 135!

Ha ha ha! Sew a button on THAT mummy! ((FAARRRTTT))

Ahhhh...you haven't lived until you've driven a convertible!

NO - you ain't funny...your camera isn't funny...this place sucks...I wanna go home and watch Wiggles!

Please God, this is really my family forever?

Trust Me...
You don't even want to know what I am thinking...
OK, I'll give you a hint, I am about to crap my pants.

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