It’s My Two Year Blogiversary! So, I'm giving out top secret tips and tricks for new bloggers.

YAY! It’s My Two Year Blogiversary! 

Now, raise your hand if you need therapy because of me... 

Two years ago today I published my very first post, "I Hate Being Pregnant-Rainbows and Unicorns My Ass!" on my first real blog, Tired Of Being Pregnant. (I say real, because over the years I have started blogs, but never did anything with them once the novelty of starting it wore off.) Now here I am today, two years and two blogs later… a full-time “Blogger.” (Dammit I hate that word!)

So I thought for my two year anniversary I would write a post about how the hell I got here, and then hand out some tips for beginner bloggers.  Besides, I have no doubt someone is thinking, If this bitch can do it, surely I can too…

Let’s kick things off with the story of how in the hell I got here in the first place… (If you do not give a shit, and are only here for the tips, then skip ahead my friend to the section titled, THANKS FOR SKIPPING AHEAD ASSHOLE!)  

Let me just start by saying, I had absolutely NO clue that mom bloggers existed when I started blogging.  I was just pissed at the pregnancy forum princesses (Think: Baby Center) for telling me I was a horrible person for complaining about pregnancy, so I started my own forum where I could bitch all I wanted, a blog.

I went right to opened a new account, and titled my blog exactly what I was thinking.  Next I wrote a post about exactly how I was feeling. Then two days later I got my first, "Thank you so much for saying this" comment.  All I could think was, Holy shit, I am not alone in thinking pregnancy is some crazy ass business! SUCK IT FORUM PRINCESSES.

From then on, I just started writing what I was feeling and thinking AND threw in some research on pregnancy I was doing too… the next thing I knew I had a few more readers and by their comments I could tell that they were as miserable with being pregnant as I was.  We became our own little support group. I loved my blog for that, and so did they. 

Then the time came for me to deliver Oliver. Even though the support group had grown fairly large, I still had every intention of quitting blogging, after all, I was not going to be “tired of being pregnant” anymore. But, fate had a different plan, all of the sudden the comments and messages started coming in asking me to keep writing after I delivered.

Still, completely unaware of the blog world and the blog world’s shit politics, I said why not, and bought the domain name  I thought it was catchy and said exactly what my blog was going to be about.  I blogged after delivery and through maternity-leave then went back to work… then got laid off just a few weeks later.  Being the workaholic that I am I went right back to blogging so I could calm the anxiety I was feeling about being jobless.

I went balls out on joining clubs, Social Networks, talking with fellow bloggers and reading every article on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) I could, then started begging people and companies to let me review their products. Some of it helped, some of it made me want to punch a fellow bitchy know it all blogger in the face… all of it taught me WAY more than I ever wanted to know about Blogging. 

Slowly I grew my readership, I started doing product reviews here and there and pumped my social media on a daily basis; all while writing daily posts until my fingers hurt from pounding the keyboard. When I realized how many blogs there were, 3.9 million in 2012 per Scarborough research, I felt like I didn't stand a chance getting my voice heard.  But, thanks to my incredible readers I kept going... I wouldn't call myself a great or top mom blogger, but I will say I have staked claim on my space in the blogger world, and for that I am very proud of myself.  Hard work definitely pays off. 

Anyways, that’s it, that’s how I got here in a nutshell. Happy two year anniversary to me.  I have no doubt if I knew the actual hours it took me to get here, I would need another bottle of champagne… or two. 

Now that you have learned the how, it’s time to share my dumpster full of knowledge with you so you can join me!


Tips for Beginner Bloggers.

1.     Blogging is a HUGE Time Investment.  You have to be committed. I spend about 4-6 hours a day maintaining my blog.
2.     Figure out what you want out of your blog first. A diary? Free Shit? Fame? Fortune? The more you want, the harder you will work.  Being a top blogger is a full time job.
3.     Pick a SHORT and Catchy name.  Ours is too long and hard to type.  
4.     If you don't LOVE writing then DON'T BLOG. You have to post daily or at a minimum of three times a week to keep your readers interested.
5.     Join social media the same day you start your blog.  Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are game changers.  I only just joined them all and wish I would have started much sooner.
6.      Sign up for every blogger network you can, especially if you are in it to get free shit.  Clever Girls, Mom Central, BlogHer, Bussiness2Blogger, One2One…
7.     Talk to other bloggers, read other blogs, contribute and comment. Join the twitter party… Bloggers will grow your blog faster than any other method.
8.      Blog for yourself first. Don’t lose yourself trying to impress people.  When I write for myself my blog does well.  When I write what I think other people want to hear, or shove in too many product reviews it hurts my stats, plus I lose the love for the game, when my head is not in it. 
9.     Don’t get caught up in the politics and bitchy mom blogger clicks.  In fact avoid that shit like the plague.  It will only hurt you.
10.  Your readers and fans are the best thing that will ever happen to your blog, so take time to talk to them. Reply to reader comments, and engage with them on social media.  My readers are the BEST! They give me the support and encouragement I need to keep going.

THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO much to everyone who comes here everyday to read my words. I sincerely thank you with all of my heart for your support and encouragement.  Lots of Love, April.

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