MEAN MOMS SUCK! The Mommy Wars are everywhere...

I hear about the mommy wars and how they are about moms who work vs. moms who don't.  Well... News Flash the mommy wars are everywhere over everything! Moms are so competitive and at times just plain nasty. They ignore each other, judge each other, bully each other, talk behind each other's backs and even sabotage each other. What happened to the Sisterhood of the motherhood?

For starters, what is up with moms at the park?  Is it me? Or do they ignore you too?  Wait, are you the mom who ignores me?  I mean, what the hell, do I put on some freaking invisibility cloak before I walk in?  Honestly, it would make me feel better if that was the case!  Why do moms ignore each other at the park? We are all there for the same reason, to let our kids play, there is no need to be rude or try to one up each other.  

Today as I walked up to the toddler park I saw a little boy Ollie's age running around and thought, sweet a friend for Ollie to play with. One thing about having Ollie home instead of in daycare is that he misses out on the social interaction with other kids. As we walked in I smiled at the two moms sitting on the bench STARING AT ME!  They half smiled back at me then went back to talking.  WTF? I thought great so it's going to be like that... bitches!

Another aspect of the mommy wars that makes me crazy is the mom pissing contest.  I always feel like I am in a one up conversation with another mom. It's always how old, how big, what does your child say, do, act, nap, it never ends. There really does seem to be so much competitiveness between moms.  Who will have the best looking kid, the smartest kid, the biggest best birthday party, most well behaved, physically or mentally developed....  I totally get it,  who doesn't want their kid to be the best? I think Ollie is one bad ass kid, but I don't want to shit on you to prove it!  When I find myself in a mommy pissing contest I just let the conversation turn completely to the mom.  My kid is rad, I don't need to be told that or one up another kid to know it.

See.. Rad.
Even if he is in pants too short for him.
He is still RAD!

Look, I get it! It can be uncomfortable for some people to just jump right into friendly conversation at the park. But full-on ignoring someone standing next to you pushing a child on the swings is just awkward! I admit, I expect a little more because I am in the south where southern hospitality is alive and well, (except clearly at the toddler park).  Geez... I am not asking for friendship, but maybe a hello or smile back! Is that too much to ask?

The ugliest form of the mommy wars is the cyber bullying.  That's right, moms cyber bully the hell out of each other.  Twitter and Facebook are two of the worst social media outlets for this. Moms judge, attack and gang up on other moms there. I have been bullied and watched it happen, in fact I bet the farm that a mom is being social media bullied right now! It's what I like to call coward bullying.  It is so easy for these moms to go ape shit crazy on a mom from the safety of their computer.  GROW UP!

WHAT THE HELL?  Why can't we all get along? Why are moms still dragging their personal insecurities into this?  Because that is all it is.  Insecurities.  It's no different then when I would walk into a room full of girls back in high school.  We just sized each other up, compare our insecurities, then ignore each other.  How in the hell has that followed me into mommyhood?  

I know we are not all going to be friends, but for the love of our kids, can't we at least just not be so damn awkward and hateful towards each other? MEAN MOMS SUCK! 

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