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While in university I waited tables and bartended part-time. Whenever I would get overwhelmed with my tables and couldn’t quite catch my breath it was called “being in the weeds.”  Another regular term was "86" which meant we were out of something.  I bet you can't guess where I am going with this... SURPRISE!! I am writing this from the weeds... 86 mommy's mind. Since becoming a mother I feel like I visit the weeds regularly, and then inevitably loose my mind. 

Some days Oliver is so full-on I am not even sure if I have eaten or peed ALL DAY!  How is that?  How is it that a baby and now toddler can overwhelm me like that?  And scarier yet, I hear all of the time from parents of teens, that they look back on the toddler years like they were actually easy!  SHIT!

The other day after chasing Oliver around the park, then through Chick-fil-a I called FTD and yelled MAYDAY!! Then explained to him that I was in the weeds and needed to be bailed out.  I felt so overwhelmed by the constant attention I needed to give Ollie.  There is no sitting from a park bench and smiling, or watching from the booth while my child plays on the Chick-fil-a play area.

I look at those moms just sitting on their asses smiling from the sidelines and want to ask, WHEN WILL IT BE ME TOO?? When will Ollie be old enough to let run wild without me running wild behind him?
Every Morning we walk all the way up and down the street.
It's really just a warm up lap for the day.
I have learned to recognize the minutes leading up to me going knee deep into the weeds. I start getting lost and say things like: Ollie, mommy is about to loose her sugar! Please slow down!  I have even been known to put him in his stroller with snacks at a friend’s house just so I can sit down and breathe.

When I hit the weeds it’s Do-What-You-Gotta-Do mentality time or I will go right  in to the shits.

When Ollie is heading for overload,
he lays his head down for 10 seconds to COMPLETELY recharge!
I was explaining to a childless friend that having a toddler is like watching an intense movie for 8 hours straight. This theory shows why movies are only two hours long on average- that is the longest possible attention span of the average human before their focus self-destructs! Seriously.  How long can you watch a movie toddler before your head explodes? 

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