It’s almost here and I am SO Excited!!! Bring on the Summer Solstice!

Tomorrow June 21, 2013 is the summer solstice in the Northerm Hempisphere! The solstice marks both the longest day of the year (15-20 hours of sunlight) and the first day of summer! For my European readers the summer solstice means Midsummer and the kickoff of some super awesome celebrations throughout Europe! Basically, SUMMER IS FULL-ON HERE!!  The warm weather is here to stay in the Northern Hemisphere until September, and I plan to love every bit of it!

I love the summer. LOVE. There is something about the summer solstice that makes me I want to get naked and run around in sprinklers. I’m such a freak, I know, but don’t get your cameras or worry too much, now that I am a mother and 35, I will wear a bathing suit. I get a little crazy because I see the solstice as the no turning back point to winter.  Where I live we can get snow or sleet into May. The weather can hover around 70 into June, but for some reason when the solstice hits, its 85 degrees and up until September and I love it!

 I always say I will take 100 degrees (38c) over 0 degrees (-18c) any day!

While my family has no real plans this summer, I think the possibilities are endless.  It is so much easier to pack up for a spur of the moment weekend getaway during the warm months.  Or really, just leave the house! During the winter months I am like a hibernating bear- I hate getting out in the cold, and hate getting Ollie out even more!  Don't even get me started about trying to drive a car bundled up like a marshmallow man!  

I am game for anything outdoors when the weather is warm. Lately, I love walking up and down the street every morning with Ollie.  I don’t even bring the stroller anymore.  I just slap on his Crocs and my flip-flops and off we go.  Or even better, going to the park to play in the big sprinklers- He absolutely LOVES running around in the sprinklers with the kids.  

Another of our favorites is going to the zoo... he freaking loves the animals!!  Our zoo also has a "Splash Park" where he gets to run through sprinklers and climb on all kinds of stuff... (Yes, I end up right in the middle of the action soaking wet.)  

There is just something about the summer that makes me feel like the possibilities are endless for fun. 

What about you?  What are your favorite summer activities to with your little one?


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