Happy Father's Day!! Aren't you glad you didn't get this... The WORST GIFTS EVER!

First and Foremost, 
to all of you wonderful, outstanding, over-the-top super hero dads out there... 
To all of you deadbeat douche dads out there... 
And finally to all of you single mothers out there pulling double duty...
Well done! Way to man up and pull your shit together for two.
Happy Father's Day to you!

As most of you know FTD got some really great stuff for Father's Day... A custom Polo Shirt, Collage with nearly 200 family photos, a LoveBook counting the ways Ollie, Professor ("The Bloody Cat") and I love him, a Datevitation book of pre-made dates and a few other assorted things... Because FTD got most of the gifts early so I could review them on the Blog, I thought I would get him a gag gift so I would have something to give him *on* Father's Day.

Not sure what I had in mind I hit Google for inspiration- think"Worst Gift EVER!" search. My Friends, these are the top five Worst Father's Day Gift ideas I could find for FTD....
1. An awesome Coffee Mug! 
I was even going to throw in the Turtleneck!

2. A must have diaper changing accessory.

I considered painting each plug to resemble a penis!
That's right...  I'd surely get Wife of the Year for this gem alone! 
3. The Daddle Saddle!!

Hell Yeah & YEE HAW!!
We actually have to have this!
4. The Farting Teddy Bear?  Seriously? OH HELL NO!

FTD would SHIT his pants in excitement if this guy turned up at the door!
Can you not imagine him in the grocery store or Doctor's office waiting room?
Fuuuuuuuuuuccccc THAT! 
And finally... the worst gift... no product, I have EVER seen...

5. Underpants Hands? WTF????

Really?  Why?
I honestly nearly got them just so FTD would NEVER loose
"The Worst Gift I Ever Got" Pissing Contest. 

In the end I got him a dozen donuts and a box of his Favorite K-Cup coffee, Hazelnut flavor... and a card...


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