10 reasons why I am NOT going to win Mother of the Year 2013

Just in case you were worried that I was going to steal your thunder in the Mother of the Year contest, I thought I would outline why that is not gonna happen.
  1. Naptime and bedtime are my favorite time.
  2. Some mornings (Most) I lay in bed trying to summons the devil to make a deal to get my son to go back to sleep.
  3. I bribe my son with snacks to get him to stop whining. 
  4. At the end of the day if the clothes my kid was wearing are not visably dirty…Back in the closet they go.
  5. It is not uncommon for lunch to be left-over dinner from the night before.
  6. I used to wash the sippy cup with soap and water when hit the ground, now, I rinse it and hand it back. (I hear I will graduate to just wiping it on my shirt by child number two.)
  7. My son, well under two years old, watches TV for about 20 minutes to a half hour a day. 
  8. While out running errands, I have had to leave my son in a dirty diaper because I already used the emergency spare one I keep shoved in the glove box.
  9.  Sometimes I let my son run through the grocery store because I am just not in the mood to hold him down in the cart while he screams at me. It’s all about choosing my battles.
  10. I am a terrible cook, cannot follow rules, complain about cleaning the house, and still try to roshambo with FTD every time our son has a shitty diaper.

Oh and...

Honestly. I don’t want to win that dumbass award anyway.  

Thankfully I am in the running for winning one contest with Top Mommy in the title.
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