UPDATE: Weaning is not for this wussy...

As most of you know, I earlier this week I posted about my push to wean my son from nursing at 15-month old-- Weaning is NOT for Wussies. Thanks to all of the wonderful comments from readers supporting both my choice to wean, and reasons not to wean, I have decided that since both Oliver and I are not fully ready to part with nursing, I am not going to force the issues. That's right, no weaning for us just yet...

I have decided to continue to nurse Oliver hoping that he will self-wean.  I have heard that 18-months may be the magic month, or possibly I will find myself right back here at 2 years old.  It was clear that it was just not the right time for us to stop. I am so thankful for all of the comments that helped me make this decision. Another big help was the realization that even though the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends nursing until one, the World Health Organization recommends nursing until the child is 2-years old-- I'm going with the WHO on this one.

I will say this though, in order to meet my selfish needs, I have taken the pressure off of myself in regard to nursing in general.  I am no longer letting his nursing schedule dictate our days or nights.  I know he does not have to nurse at any session.  He can have cows milk, or what he really likes a yogurt smoothie, if I have to be away for a normal morning, nap or bedtime feeding.  Now that Ollie can put away a fair amount of food at meals, I know he will not starve. Not that I plan to make this a regular thing, it's nice to know if I need to do something it's ok to let him miss a feeding.
Clearly this Man-child will not starve if he misses one treat to mommy's milk! 

I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders now that I have decided to quit trying to quit. I know this is best for both of us right now.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but for today I am not stressing and that feels wonderful. We are easy going from here on out!

I will keep you posted on how we are doing and when/if Oliver decides to wean on his own...

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