Top Spring/Summer School Essentials for your Kids

Top Spring/Summer School Essentials for your Kids

It may be a bit slow getting started, but the summer weather is just behind those rainclouds – honest! While the seasons seem to be a bit mashed up this year, preparing your children with a school uniform that reflects the inevitable warmer days is an absolute must, so that they can stay fresh and cool.

Polo Shirts
Short sleeves, 100% cotton and unisex polo shirts from ASDA George are an absolute must-have for the spring and summer terms.

Whatever the colour scheme at your child’s school, you’re bound to find polo shirts to match at George, with a range of colours available including yellow, red, light blue, green and the trusty whites that will make your little ones looking fresh as a daisy, even on a drab morning.

As with all uniform essentials, check with the school to see what their requirements are and to clarify if there’s anything you should avoid before you spend your hard earned cash.

Shorts, Skirts and Dresses

As the sun comes out to play, so do the little ones. The playgrounds are awash with kids playing games with their friends, so keeping them cool and sweat-free is an absolute must.

Put away the warm trousers and bring out the shorts and skirts instead. Team with some fresh classic white socks and they can play to their heart’s content.

Again, check with your school before you buy but little girls would love to look cute in a uniform dress, if the school allows. The traditional gingham dress is still going strong and is available in all the major colours including yellow, green, navy, blue and red.

Bigger girls would look fabulous in one of the beautiful pinafore dresses available from George, for the bargain price of around £6.

Take your kids shopping with you and let them choose a style they love.


Children’s feet seem to forever be growing, and if it’s not their toes trying to poke out the ends, it’s the number of scuffs that will make you want to invest in a new pair. It’s half way through the school year and summer is on the horizon – now would be a great time to give their feet a revamp.

Opt for leather loafers for the boys or some pretty, summery strap shoes for girls and say goodbye to the winter boots for another year. Choose scuff-resistant options to try and keep them looking fresh for longer.


While the winter padded numbers should (hopefully) be able to be put away for another year, the waterproof jacket will undoubtedly still need to stay firmly on the coat rack. The unpredictable British weather means that you never know when the next raincloud may arrive, so make sure your children head to school prepared for anything.

PE Kit

While you may already have this sorted, it may need a face-lift if it’s looking a little dog-eared. You can find some bargain t shirts and shorts at George that won’t break the bank. Ask the school what they recommend with regards to footwear; outdoor PE lessons may mean your children need better foot support than your average plimsoll.

While the summer holidays aren’t far away, it doesn’t mean your kids can’t look fab for the final term this year. Refresh their school wardrobe for less, at ASDA.

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