The best invention for moms and dads EVER... Top 10 Reasons Why

                                                                       BABY WIPES

My friends, I am here to tell you that Baby Wipes are the best damn invention ever.  EVER!  There is nothing a baby wipe cannot clean. Over the past week I have used baby wipes for so many things, that tonight I actually looked over at FTD and declared that those little wet squares of wonder are the best damn mom invention in the galaxy.  

When he was finished laughing at me, he asked why. I would now like to share with you the same top 10 reasons I gave FTD.

 Five bucks says you will totally agree, or learn something... or both! 

Baby Wipes.
The greatest little BIG things ever

  1. ONE and Done!  One baby wipe can clean a massive diaper blow out if you know what you are doing. (FTD immediately added that it's One and Done for him too.)
  2. No mom spit needed! After a particularly messy meal I can clean Ollie up without having to pull the old mom spit and a napkin trick.  We both appreciate that one!
  3. Beast damn car detailing ever!  Wet Wipes can clean both leather and cloth upholstery, dashboards, seat belts, floors, bird shit, spilled gas... the list goes on.  I keep a pack in my car just to ward off Mom Car.
  4. Carpet Cleaner! I have used wet wipes to clean up food and drink spills and even red wine off of the carpet. I'm telling you these things are amazing!
  5. Screen Cleaners!  Every time Ollie or my nephews get ahold of my iPhone it is always returned with sticky little finger prints.  One wet wipe and my phone is as good as new!
  6. Refreshing Towelette! After a long walk on a hot day one wet wipe to the face and arms and I'm suitable for public again. 
  7. Toy Cleaner! Once a week I will go hog ass wild with a wet wipe on Ollie's toys.  It is gross to see how dirty they are.
  8. Make-up remover! For those lazy nights, wipe away the day then rinse with warm water. works on mascara too!
  9. Dirty home makeover!  Guest coming in 5 minutes? No worries, bust out the wet wipes and hit the counters in the kitchen and bathroom.  Sparkly Clean! No shit, I do this once a week when I need order, but I am too lazy to gain it properly. These things even work on a quick kitchen floor spot clean
  10. EVERYTHING ELSE! If at first I don't succeed, I go get a wet wipe. I am convinced there is no job too big or too small for these miracle workers. I should invent a wet wipe fanny pack (bum pack for you snickering Aussies) for quick easy access to a mom's secret defense against the dark side. 

What are your favorite uses.  I know my top 10 are just scraping the surface....


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