SAY IT! Come On Spit It Out! Oh, wait… maybe not that…

I have not had a chance to talk about Oliver’s 15-month well-baby check-up last week. Our little man-child is 29 ½ pounds and 33 inches long, putting him in the 95 percentile for boys his age.  When the pediatrician asked the normal slew of developmental questions FTD and I were proud to answer each question with YES! Then, when Ollie’s doctor asked if we had any questions or concerns I told him I had one, his vocabulary, or lack thereof.

For example here at his doc appt.
if Ollie could talk he would have told FTD to put him down
so he could escape before the vaccination. 

Instead he wiggled and fussed.
Same thing.

Now that he is 15-months old I expected him to have a larger vocabulary. At this point the only words he says clearly are Momma, dada/daddy and doggie.  I've read that other toddlers his age are saying up to 10-15 words.   It’s not that I am really worried about this, but it’s safe to say I am concerned and wanted to know what I could be doing to help Ollie expand his vocabulary.

Our doctor asked us what he did say.  I told him that Ollie babble talks all day, points and yells all kinds of noises like we understand, but the only words he says clearly and regularly are, again, dad, daddy, momma and doggie.  I also mentioned that Ollie definitely understands what we are saying.  We can ask him to do something and he will do it, if he can be bothered of course.  Things like 'NO!" are hit or miss, but take that to mommy, or where is? will get him to do the action. So he gets the words, he just won't say them!

The pediatrician assured me that he was doing just fine and not to worry at this point. He also said that to help expand his vocabulary we needed to take the time to point everything out and say what it is twice.  For example, when we hand him a book, we need to say BOOK and then as he tries to take it away hold tight and say BOOK one more time before letting go of the book.  He said we should not add any extra words or baby talk.  Just say what it is twice and move on.  And of course reading is a huge help too!

Since that appointment I have been diligent about telling Ollie the word for everything… Cat. Couch. Light. On. Off.  Door. Diaper.  So far so good.  I have also been diligent about listening to his babble to see if I could maybe understand more of what he is saying.  So far I have picked up a few regular noises he uses to express his feelings… or at least that’s what I have decided he is doing.  So I thought I would share Ollie’s’ words and my interpretations!

Ollie’s first words and sounds from FTM:

  1. Tit-tessor- "Professor" our cat 
  2. DAD!- Ollie yells this every morning from his crib. I’m sure he means DAD come get me, because Mommy deserves to sleep-in!  ***NAH...It's 'cause I'm AWESOME!***
  3. CCCCUUUUUUCCCC-This is when he sees an airplane.  FTD makes that noise when he flies one of his stupid Star Wars planes around the house with Ollie. 
  4. Dush- he makes that noise and points when he wants to go outside- I think that means move your ass.
  5. DAAA AAAH YAAA ACK!  He yells-- and I mean with force and anger-- this at me after a diaper change all while trying to jump up and down on his change table.  I’m not sure but I think it means, “Mom I am sick of this diaper shit!" 
  6.  WHAAAAA!  That pretty much applies to anything that pisses him off.  I get this a lot!
Here's a few more from FTD:
  1. MuMMaamAAA - Can I get me some titty milk please?
  2. TaaaTTessa - Professor (the cat) - I'm gonna rip your tail off!
  3. PssSSSsssS - I gotta take a wee-wee (but NOT in the potty) Take my nappy off NOW!
  4. AhhhHHHHAA - **Singing** Wiggles version of "you make me feel like dancing"
  5. RAaRRaaRRA - Bloody Hell! I'm bored shitless.
  6. DaaaDaaa    - Where you at Awesomest bald-headed dude?
  7. OOHOHHOOH -Vegemite on toast for breakfast
  8. GARDEN      - ???
  9. OOwWAYYY    -  Gimmie that filtered water from the fridge please!
  10. UHHhh Ho    - I purposely dropped some stuff so I can watch you pick it up again.
I know I said I would not wish for more milestones to come since it is killing me how fast Ollie is growing up, but when I hear his little voice form words...  SO. FREAKING. COOL. I cannot wait until he says more words. Toddlers are so funny! Yes, I know thanks to the Karma my mom says I have coming, those next words will probably be Duck or Truck... or some variation there of...

I think this photo either says,
"try me"
"I ain't saying shit!"
you decide....

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