Observations of a First Time Mom... The second time around...

(A few months ago a long time reader, and now friend, (who I will refer to as The Star Wars Momma) emailed me to let me know she was pregnant.  Needless to say, I was over the moon excited for her and her now growing family. I asked her to keep me posted every step of the way, and speaking of posted... would she be open to a guest post or two on either TiredofBeingPregnant.com or FirstTimeMomandDad.com. Being the bad ass that she is, she said sure! 

I am so excited to share with you a post she wrote for me... us. This post is about the top 5 things that surprised her about pregnancy the second time around. With her permission, I have taken the liberty of adding my comments directly to this post, so it is sort of an open conversation between the two of us.  My comments will be in this beautiful purple color after each point she makes. I present to you, The Star Wars Momma's post, with my 'post bombing' comments... )

I stumbled across April's blog Tiredofbeingpregnent.com over 2 years ago when I was pregnant with my first baby and desperately sick of being pregnant. I instantly knew I was going to be a lifetime follower of April's blogs. Her true-to-life observations about being pregnant and non-candy coated experiences of being a first time mom had me hooked.

We bonded instantly over our disdain with being pregnant, having hubbies obsessed with Star Wars and both expecting beautiful baby boys just days apart. Today, I am a FTM.... now going through this the process a 2nd time around. In less than 9 weeks I will have two boys 18 months apart. I know.... I am certifiably insane. But here for your reading enjoyment are my observations of doing this the 2nd time around...

4D of Baby #2...

The Top 5 Things that Surprised Me the 2nd Time Around...
1. GAS.... OMG....

I never knew I could produce so much gas... The first time around I never had this issue. This time around it's like it's my job and it's funny!!  My husband is the biggest loudest gas producing machine and I alone can out do him most days. So ladies if you have this, enjoy it! Hot-box your man in the car or dutch-oven him under the sheets and get a good laugh in, you will feel good, I promise.

I TOLD YOU SO!! Remember those posts about crop dusting movie theaters and entire sections of the grocery store while pregnant I was pregnant with Oliver?  By the end of my pregnancy I had FTD trained to leave the room before dropping ass out of fear of my retaliation.  Oh, and I also had him trained not to be a back seat driver or I would roll up and lock the windows to teach him a lesson.  

I know it's gross, and honestly by the 30th week I was tired of being a walking shit cloud. Enjoy unloading the crap Karma on your man, because thankfully that gas will eventually pass. Well it did the first time around... BWAHAHA!!  Keep me posted on this one...

2. Napping and putting my feet up is a luxury!
The first time around I didn't realize how good I had it being able to come home from work and nap or put my feet up. I guess I just assumed it would be the same this time as well.... So not true! While hubby does let me rest when I need to, I have a 15-month old who doesn't understand that mommy needs to put her feet up. 

So if this is your first enjoy being able to rest! If it's your 2nd or 3rd.... you have my sympathy.

I overheard my sister and sister in-law talking about this over lunch when both my SIL and I were pregnant. MY SIL was complaining that she could not get in 5 minutes of rest with my 2 year old nephew running around. I was planning my second nap of the day after our lunch. (I didn't divulge that information.)  I was a HARDCORE couch crasher after work when pregs with Ollie.  If I didn't put my feet up the minute I got home the chances of them going back in shoes the next morning were near non-existent.  

My friend you have my sympathies.   

3. Staying Healthy is a Challenge!
My 15 month old is a Petrie dish of germs...   That combined with having no immunity because of pregnancy has meant that I've been ill with something or other this whole pregnancy. I was not prepared for that in the least. On top of that caring for my sick kid when I am pregnant and sick flat out sucks.... I kid you not... From February 1st to MArch 30th I was sick 6 out of the those 8 weeks. My list of ailments included: 2 colds, a sinus infection, an ear infection, and an allergic reaction to antibiotics...  Gross.

Crap. I bet that is the norm with a walking germ dome running around begging for cuddles. 

4. How RIDICULOUSLY long this pregnancy has seemed!
I figured having a little one already, having a full-time job, keeping my house clean, running a small business, and having gone through pregnancy one time already that the 2nd pregnancy would fly by... NOT TRUE. I have been aware of every second, minute, hour, day, week....  that I am pregnant... and STILL pregnant. It's felt like a lifetime this time around. I think it has to do with the fact that I know what to expect and there aren't too many surprises...  but still.... Let's get this show on the road!! I want to meet my little man already! 

OOOOH Momma I bet you are so ready to 'get the show on the road!'

I thought baby one took an eternity and a half. However, I was also afraid to be a momma, so some weeks I was so much happier he was still in my belly. I bet with baby number two you are ready to get the whole pregnancy thing over with from the minute the pee stick says, Yep. You're knocked up. (I know... except you mommas who LOVE being pregnant, I am sure you are happy to embrace those ten long months minute-by-minute.) Not. Me. 

5. How Much I Already Love My New Little Man!
I adore current my son... He is the light of my life and when I got pregnant the 2nd time around I had no clue how I was going to create more love for a second baby. I mean come on... How could I love anyone else as much as I love little James??  But seriously, as my time grows shorter until I get to meet my new little man I am falling in love with him more every day. I know I will love him just as much and there is more than enough love to go around. 

Thank you so much for saying this.  I have heard the fear of not having enough love expressed before and now I totally get it.  I never in my life could image the immense love I have for Ollie, so no way can I imagine a second round of that kind of magical love!  I am so glad to know you are already experiencing it.  LOVE IT! 

Thank you April for letting me write this!! This is a shout out to you and all of your readers. Isn't it nice to know you aren't alone??

Thank you Star Wars Momma for taking the time to write it!  I adore you and am so thankful to call you my friend. Congratulations again.  I cannot wait to see that beautiful baby boy... 

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