Oh no they didn't! Dear God, they did...

What exactly is it you ask?  IT'S A POTTY!!!!  An iPotty for iPad to be exact.  Don't believe me?  Here is the product description from the company...and my thoughts while reading it. (FYI: This is not a product review. FAR FROM IT!)

Parents can give children a comfortable and fun place to learn to use the potty with the child-friendly iPotty from CTA Digital...(Because Oliver needs to have a fun place to learn while he poops!) This potty training seat features a special stand to securely hold the iPad and safely entertain kids while they play with apps. (Safely entertain kids while they play apps... while POOPING?  REALLY?!) The adjustable stand can be rotated 360 to switch between horizontal and vertical views and also includes a removable touchscreen cover to guard against messy accidents and smudges. (VOMIT!  just come out and say it... It keeps screen clean when shit hits the fan during potty training!Parents will be pleased with how simple it is to keep the iPotty clean and minimize messes, with its removable inner potty bowl, potty seat, and splashguard. (Well that's a relief.) A clip-on seat cover can be attached to convert the potty to a child activity seat, so they can safely play apps, read and watch videos on the iPad at any time. (OH hell no!  NO way is my kid going to play all day where he shits!  Really?  "Honey can you bring Ollie's Commode in here so he can safely learn while I clean the kitchen?"  NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!)  The stand can also be adjusted to 3 positions or removed entirely to make extra room and easily store away.  So, take a step ahead in potty training, delight children and make the learning experience easy and fun with CTA Digital's iPotty for iPad.


I will tell you who... the same DAD who fell in love with this and wanted his son to have one too...

 I'm going to turn this over to FTD to fully understand what is going on here...

Geez! here we go again...FTD here...C'mon Mumma! What's all the fuss? Everyone knows that in the 21st century, information is the key to our children's future.  An enlightening search of the Googles shows me that the average human spends up to THREE YEARS on the thunderbox over a lifetime! Three YEARS! (Three and a half if you eat Indian Vindaloo curry regularly)

That's enough time to get any number of useless college degrees like a Bachelor of Arts in Media studies or maybe Political Science for God's sake! What a wonderful world we live in that we can now utilise this "lost" time to better ourselves when we have to grow a brown tail.

Remember the old days? A ride on the porcelain bus was dead boring.  If you were lucky there was a floppy water-stained ladies magazine or old newspaper to read...Some people just stared blankly at the opposite wall while curling one off! Ahhhh the memories!

But with the advent of smartphones, ipads, iphones, androids and tablets - now we can tweet each other, update our status on the Facebook, play a couple of angry birds rounds or maybe a quick skype or conference call for work! All while dropping the kids off at the pool or building a log cabin.  AWESOME!!!

SO get with the 'flow' - The CTA Digital PAD-POTTY iPad With Retina Display/iPad 3rd Gen/iPad 2 iPotty is simply the next stage in our evolution and should be a fixture in every household.

I'm releasing the kraken as I type this BTW!

FTM Here again...

Ah, OK.  I see.  So you are saying this potty is actually going to make Oliver smarter by having a computer in front of him while he, "grows the brown tail."  Thanks FTD I knew you would be able to make sense of this ridiculousness for me. 

OH, and FTD...  The answer is still NO! HELL NO!  You and Ollie are not going to have either one of those, because if you are already spending three years "curling one off"  then these two little thunder box enhancers would no doubt double that, and the last thing I need is both you and Ollie spending the day either on the throne or complaining that your legs have fallen asleep.

Actually, if you think this will make Ollie use the potty instead of his pants... I'm in.

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