Mommy needs to get out of the house before she loses her....

Shit. (We all know I already lost my mind when Oliver ate it while incubating in my belly.)

Over the last two weeks FTD and I have had so much going on between having his family in town, my birthday and a few city wide events.  This busy schedule has breathed new life into us, actually Oliver too.  It's like we have been hibernating in a cave all winter long and forgotten the importance of a adult interaction.

A few days ago a girlfriend took me out for drinks to celebrate my birthday. While we were out I ran into an old girlfriend who I kind of fell out of touch with when I got pregnant. You know, she was still single and going to happy hours, I was knocked up and going to the bathroom to pee or puke every five minutes... So she says to me, "Oh my gosh APRIL!  I have not seen you in forever!"  I started to say, oh it has not been forever... and then I realized IT DAMN NEAR HAS!  Twenty-five months to be exact. Ten months of pregnancy and 15 of being a mom, that makes 25 freaking months of lame-ass-mom-ness! FYI that is 750 days.
My girlfriend took this photo to
"prove that I actually did leave the house without Ollie and FTD"

That night I had the best time.  We drank too much, danced a little, gossiped... Awesomeness.  I woke up the next morning renewed, and truth be told a little hung. I could not wait to go back out again!

So when another girlfriend called to take me out for lunch and a bottle of wine, I was stoked! We ended up having TWO bottles of wine and closing down the lunch service on the patio of one of my favorite places.  BLISS!! But what was not bliss, was the horrible dose of in your face reality my friend dealt me once we were one bottle down...

She told me that I have become too hard to get a hold of.  Too wrapped up in this blog and being a mom, and all together not the same easy going person I was before I got pregnant.  I wanted to hate her, but she was right!  I have become so high strung and crazed about Ollie's schedule and general well-being, that I have completely forgotten about my needs, and more importantly my friendships.  By the time she was finished explaining that since Oliver's birth she has waited (on multiple occasions) nearly a week for me to get back to her, and when I do all I talk about is my blog and Ollie, I felt horrible. She said that she and two other girlfriends were considering a blog and baby intervention.

She was right, I need to get out, and not just for lunch with my girlfriends once a week --Even though that is important. It's time for FTD, Ollie and I to regularly get together with our friends.  Just because we have a child does not mean we have to be social life-less.

I don't know why I had it in my head that now that we have a baby, FTD and I cannot go out and do the things we love, with the friends that we love.  We can. And it's OK for Ollie to come too. Of course it would be easier without Ollie, but 1. We don't have a babysitter we trust yet. and 2. It will be nice to create some fun memories with our family and friends.

Of course over the past 15-months we have gone out as a family, but mostly to parties at a friends or family member's house or children's events.  The last super fun thing we did was go to the local St. Patrick's day parade. All three of us had a blast.  The only issue was that Ollie wanted to walk everywhere, and at times he wanted to walk into the parade.  Still, we had a wonderful time, and need to do more things like it.

We really did have such a great time, even if we spent the better part of the parade
keeping Ollie from joining it. 
I have made the decision that for the entire month of June I will actively seek out fun events for our family to go to.  I will also not only seek out children's events.  Ollie loves to get out and loves the attention he gets from people.  Plus, he is easy now, no constant feedings or diaper changes like last summer.  It is time for FTD and I to get our social lives back.  It is time to go out as a family and have a great time.

I may be crazy for deciding to do this, but I am REALLY excited about it.  I am excited to let Ollie experience more things. Truthfully, I am for the first time in a long time, excited about something!  Don't get me wrong, watching Ollie learn to crawl and walk has been exciting, but I am ready to be excited about some non-baby related stuff too.

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