Easy Kids Crafts...DIY for Dummies-Wordless Wednesday Edition

When it comes to arts and crafts, I am a complete Dong.  I mean I am about as crafty as a rock.  I wish that was not the case, but unfortunately all I can come up with is that when God was handing out Craftiness I thought he said Trashiness, so I said I would pass.

Don't get me wrong, I like to use a hot glue gun as much as the next girl, but sadly, I end up making a pile of colorful ka-ka. So when I came across a super cute, and what seems to be a super easy, craft project, I was inspired! Check this out...

I was so inspired by this little foot print project, I wanted to find more super cute craft projects I could complete with a minimal amount of crafty talent! I set out on a Google search for "Crafts for Dummies" and "Easy Crafts for Kids" and other assorted phrases.  My friends I found some really great shit!  These projects are so great that there is really no explanation necessary--Hence the Wordless Wednesday part.

I'm tellin' you, I bet you can just look at these craft projects and figure out how to duplicate them too...

Happy Hump Day my Friends! 

OH!  If you have a super easy project you want to share, post it to our First Time Mom & Dad Facebook fan page and I will add it to this post!

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Kristy J said...

The first sentence of this post made me laugh so hard I'm pretty sure a few drops of coffee came out of my nose. In all seriousness though I am also completely useless when it comes to crafts which totally sucks because I want to do that stuff with him. The one we're going to do this weekend is the hand print inside of the hand print in the clay dough. So hopefully it doesn't turn out like shit. If it does then I will be stealing your butterfly footprint craft. I will also be bookmarking this entry as my cheat sheet. Then when AJ and I do these cool things together my friends and husband will think I've gained magical crafty powers overnight. SCORE for me! Thanks April!!!

Serena said...

These are awesome. I especially love the peg with the hidden message - ADORABLE. I may have to try a couple of these, thanks for sharing.

Sister for Sale (WW)

Quirky Chrissy said...



Do I sound needy? Because I am. :)

April...have you met Pinterest yet?

Marianne said...

I look at these with envy and a grave feeling of inadequacy. Then? We go to the park. I am REALLY good at the park.

One day I will craft. One day....

Jess said...

Those are so cute!! I am also terrible at crafts, which sucks because I love to do them, but I might be able to manage those!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the coasters! And the hidden message in the clothes pin is so cute! Thanks for some good ideas! Hmm...it's a rather rainy day today, maybe we'll get crafty ;-)

Unknown said...

These are awesome!!! A majority of the "stuff" I do is only inspired after searching online... soooo... sweet! If I ever find spare time again, a couple of these are on the must-do list! :)

kate said...

hey, these turned out really nice. i'm not sure if my one year old is old enough to handle this, but i'll surely teach her once she is old enough