Yay for family fun days!

Hiya everyone!  Good news... Apparently all I needed was a little sun and warmer air to get me out of bed and on the mend. Today was a beautiful day filled with warm(er) air and a luscious bright blue clear sky, so FTD and I decided to take Ollie out for some serious park playtime to try to fight the RAGING cabin fever. It worked!!

I thought I would share some of the photos we took... I hope these photos of my little bull dozer bring a smile to your face and heart like they did for me!!

And he's off...

Swings first of course!
He likes to dangle like that.  Every time I sit him up, he leans forward and laughs.

Spinning bars! Awesome!

Moving on now...

Focused... He made it to the end of the tunnel and was trying to figure out what to do next.

Daddy helped him climb to the top

Mommy helped him get to the bottom!

He helped himself to this one..

Uh oh... He's got this climbing thing figured out!

He climbed to the top, I followed him up, 
then helped him onto the slide where daddy was waiting on the other side.
Oliver repeated this vicious cycle WAY too many times.
I think at this point he finally pooped out.
Thank G because we were way past pooped! 

That's right I'm awesome...
Let's go home.
(Or according to my friend Joel, Ollie is thinking,
Haters gonna hate. I'm out!)
(I promise he is only 13-months old!)

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