TURN IT UP! I promise you it will feel so good.

Have you ever been driving in your car alone and found yourself singing along to your child’s CD?  Do you find yourself humming the Itsy Bitsy Spider well after getting out of the car?  Yes?  Well… Sweet!  I thought it was just me!

Recently when I was driving home, alone, I found myself singing along to 'The Bear Went Over the Mountain'. I realized that I had been listening to AND singing along to Oliver's children’s CD both on the way to shopping and now on the way home... OH MY GOD IS THIS IT???  Is a minivan the next stage?  Am I going to graduate to Kid's Bop in a couple of years and completely lose touch with my playlists? Am I on my way to super LAME?


I immediately switched from the CD to the radio and found the best POP station in the city in an attempt to redeem myself.  Just as I switched over this song came on….


Hell yeah I turned that shit up! ...and then I turned that shit up more and started dancing around, yes in my car…  You all by the time that song ended the volume was all the way up, beat pumping through my heart, and oh my goodness did it feel good...no, GREAT! 

I pulled out my phone and pressed play on my ‘Running’ playlist, pumped it through the car speakers and turned to take the long way home. I spent the next 15 minutes in a world of my own listening to my music as loud as I wanted. I sang loud, proud and off key and didn’t give a shit who heard or saw.

I channeled my inner twenty-something and relaxed. I pretended like I was back to the days of no responsibility, no worries, just me and my beats.  Of course I love being a mother more than being a twenty-something, but I still miss the ease of those days... I would give anything to be a mother AND have that ease. But thanks to mommy worries and paranoia, that ain't never happening again!  So, for those beautiful 15 minutes of car singing and dancing the world and it's problems stood still...

By the time I got home I felt awesome, almost to the point of renewed. I needed that so bad… who knew some Phat Beats and loud singing was all it took?

My friends, I cannot recommend this to you enough! Next time you are alone in your car, find an awesome song that you love and turn that shit up and sing and dance like you don’t care who is watching. Make sure it has a great beat so when you turn it up you feel it in your heart, and then let all your worries go, sing them out as loud as you can!  I promise you will feel like a new person after a couple of songs. 

I hope you have a great weekend!

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