Pick me up! Put me down! Pick me up! Put me down!

Ollie was never a clingy baby. He never really went through the separation anxiety phase, and for the most part, happily put up with strangers poking him.  Even from the time he could crawl and sit up by himself he was happy to play by alone a few feet from me, as long as he could see me, or at the very least hear me.  Well, lately that has changed, with a vengeance!   He is super needy, bouncing at my feet, begging and clawing at me to pick him up... then he wants to get down... then back up.... back down...

While I love holding my big boy, have you seen him lately? I threw my back out trying to keep up with him!
Poor guy, looks like he is pooping in his posing pants!

Oliver has been so independent his whole life that this new neediness is shocking.  I love holding him, so that has not been an issue. It's when he pushes away from me to get down 44 second later that I get annoyed. Then it never fails a minute later he is back at my feet begging to be picked back up. Seriously, this goes on all freaking day long! 

Thanks to this constant up and down, my back is OWWWWWWWWWWWT! OWWWWWY OUT! I have never in my life thrown my back out.  Sure I have had a sore back from a hard workout or sleeping funny, but never have I experienced any back pain like this.  This pain is wicked and has made sitting or lying down comfortably near impossible.  Most of all, it is making it very difficult to deal with Ollie wanting to be picked up all of the time.

I am so pissed about this!  No, I'm not pissed at Oliver or my back, I am pissed at me!  I am pissed because this shows me just how out of shape I am. I knew my pregnancy and Cesarean delivery completely ruined my abdominal muscles.  So... have worked at all on rebuilding my core.  Nope!  Do I feel like an even bigger a loser now that I can't pick my child up? Absofuckinlutely!

Throughout this experience the thing that hurt me the most was not being able to pick up Ollie. I felt horrible when he would cry for me to pick him up and I couldn't.  I would have to sit on the floor to hold him or have FTD hand him to me.  That has been really tough.

I never ever want to feel this pain again.  It is time to change gears.  I am no longer focused on weight loss only. My new Mantra is tight abs and handing out tickets to my own gun show.  I need to build my strength so this ridiculousness does not happen again.

Please learn from my lazy ass, if you are finding it even slightly difficult to pick your baby up, start you strength training NOW!.  The last thing you want to do is find yourself as out of shape and worthless as I am right now... It's ok, laugh at me. I am sure, some how, some way, some day I will look back on this and laugh at my sorry ass too. 

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