Monday Memories... Sneaking out...

This week's Monday Memories prompt is, "Sneaking Out" or if you head over to Quirky Chrissy, you can read about sneaking in... Which I have to agree with her, can be much harder than sneaking out!

This prompt came from our discussion a couple of weeks ago about ideas for prompts, I threw out First cars, and then immediately followed with sneaking out, because my first car got me super busted.  It actually told on me...

Back in the day, as in 1995, I had a pager and a Nissan Maxima.  No, you are absolutely right, not only did my shit not stink, it smelled like roses!  I had a pink pager, and a maroon Maxima and my Milkshake most def brought ALL the boys to the yard.  This beautiful Maxima was a four door 1987 wheels of steel talking g-ride.  Seriously it talked, and thanks to the ridiculous amount of ground I covered in that sweet ride, I made it talk a lot.

For example:

"The Fuel Level is Low." Being a typical broke ass 17-year-old, I heard that at least once a day.  My bestie would always follow up with, "What the car really means is, I'm hungry bitch, feed me or we are not going anywhere." Thank God back in the day $2 could get me from Point A to B and sometimes E and F AND back.  I have no clue what the kids are doing today!

My other favorite alert I heard too many times a day was, "Your door is ajar."

Every single time I would open the door it would say that.  Oh and FYI, I am so awesome the first time I heard the alert,  I turned to mom and said, "WOW!  The car talks!!  What does A Jar mean?"  Yeah, my mom was a little worried, first she explained 'ajar' was one word, then that it meant open.  Hey! You learn something new every day...especially when you are a know-it-all teenager.

Anyways, back to the sneaking out bit.

As some of you know from past posts, my curfew was midnight all through High School, which totally sucked! One night I was at a particularly awesome party that by 11:30 was only getting good.  I did not want to leave, and my friends begging me to stay didn't make it any easier.  I knew if I stayed and broke curfew my car would be parked for a week, so that option was OUT! I decided to go home early,  and sneak back out.

I made it home with 10-minutes to spare, banged around in the kitchen enough so I knew my mom heard me, and went to my room.  A few minutes later I heard my mom get up to use the bathroom and then eventually work her way to my room. She stuck her head in asked about my night, I answered with fabulous, and then we said our good nights.  I waited about 15-minutes before making my decent down the stairs and out the back door.

As I crept down the driveway the butterflies were multiplying in my belly.  This was my first time ever sneaking out of my house, and the second time in my life ( I did it at a girlfriends house a few months back, but only to go to another girlfriends house a couple of streets over-yes, we got caught.)  Once I made it to my car, I decided screw it, I made it this far I'll just go for an hour...

I opened the door as slowly and quietly as possible, when all of the sudden, "YOUR DOOR IS AJAR!" "YOUR DOOR IS AJAR!" The alert was so much louder than I expected... I guess the quiet of the dead of night made it seem much louder.  Unfortunately, it startled me so much I couldn't help but yell out "OH SHIT!" I jumped in the car and shut the door as fast and as quietly as possible.

Just as I put the key in the ignition my mom's bedroom light came on.  I was so busted.

Being the smooth teenager that I was, I got out of the car, and walked back in the house and headed straight for my mom's room.  I told her I left my pager in the car and went back for it.  She knew I was full of shit, but wanting to keep the image of her perfect daughter in tact, she went along with the story... and let me slink back to my room. I decided to abort the mission and go to sleep.

 The next morning she asked if I also forgot to park the car in the driveway as well.  I didn't even answer and she never said another word... until we shared a bottle of wine many years later when I came clean.  She told me she knew I was planning to sneak out when she checked on me,  because I was clearly nervous when she came in my room, and I still had my shoes on.  FYI I only snuck out one other time, and that was for another party my Senior year.  I got busted and my car got parked.

Ahhhh the good ol' days... thank God they are over.

To read about more stories of sneaking out, head on over to Quirky Chrissy and It's a Dome Life!  Also, you can join our Monday Memories team by letting Quirky Chrissy know while you are there.

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