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Monday Memories

Today the Queen of Quirky, Miss Chrissy, at Quirky Chrissy, the mother of Monday Memories, has agreed that today's prompt should be "First Cars and Joyrides". Let me just start by saying, I was a typical joyriding dumbass teenager. I wouldn't eat lunch so I would have extra gas money to pull victory laps around my town. So, when it comes to joyriding memories, I have a volumes! However, when ever I think of joyriding, one distinct memory in particular always comes to mind....

Picture it... 1995 four high school seniors joyriding in mommy's 1993 gold Nissan Maxima. My BFF was driving, I was riding shotgun and the two boys we were trying to be too cool for were in the back seat. We had all been at a party in the country when the dreadful hour came, 11:30pm, time to get me home before curfew. Until I was 18 my curfew was midnight. I know! So Harsh!! (If only I kept that curfew through college, I would have saved myself from so much stupidity...)

Anyways, we left the party early so on the way home we could go check out this scary dark deserted country road with an even scarier bridge. Why you ask? Because we were stupid kids of course! That night at the party we had heard the road and bridge were super haunted and tied to a bunch of crazy stories... Here are just a few the stories we were told...
  1. On Halloween you can hear the cries of a ghost baby that was sacrificed under the bridge.
  2. Devil worshipers meet under the bridge on full moons to sacrifice animals.
  3. The ghost of people who have jumped off of the bridge can be seen 24/7.
  4. If you stop your car on the bridge and turn it off, the car will not start and some troll/ax murder will come and kill you.
There were probably heaps more, I just cannot remember...

Once we made it to the bridge, my friend stopped in the middle, turned off the car and then we all got out. We listened for the baby, tried to freak each other out with our own sounds and spent some time reading the ridiculous graffiti and devil worship messages all over and under the bridge. Once we all agreed the bridge was shit, we piled back in the car to get me home before midnight.

My girlfriend went to turn on the car and nothing happened. The lights came on, but the damn car didn't. It would not even try to turn over. My girlfriend and I started freaking out. The guys started giving all kinds of reasons why the car wouldn't start. At that point we could hear rustling in the bushes near by, and crazy sounds to go with it. All I could think was, Holy Shit, some psycho came and screwed with the car while we were under the bridge, and now we are going to die.

At this point I was sure that we were probably the fourth set of  dumb ass teenagers abducted that night. Just as I grabbed my phone to call my mom to let her know I was sorry and loved her, one of the guys yells from the back seat, "The car is still in drive! You cannot start a car in drive. Put it in park and then try to start it!"

Son of a bitch! The car started right up...

My girlfriend turned the car around, and we hauled ass off that scary bridge. To this day I have never been back down that road.

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Quirky Chrissy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I've SO done that before!

Also, in high school we used to go "ghost hunting." All the time. It was awesome. All the haunted spots in Chicago!

This was hilarious. Well played.

Unknown said...

OMG- that's hilarious- I would've died too! Remember when Blair Witch Project came out? We lived on 5 acres in the middle of NOWHERE around here- and the people who produced the movie went to school around here- at UCF- so, for whatever reason, us teenagers thought it was a real- reality tv- type of movie. So we were scared shitless.

And joyriding? I remember at 14 stealing my mom's car while she was out of town for the night, and driving a few miles down the road to pick up a friend. WTF??? I am sooooo screwed when Kaely & Chase get older.

Unknown said...

Love this and brought back memories of when friends and I went to an old grave yard. I was let in on the joke they were going to have fire crackers to scare the others. The fire crackers went off, heard awful bird like noises, and took off---a friend of mine still hanging out the door! Turned out there was some peacocks in the house nearby.

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

I'm actually a total wuss. NO scary movies or anything that can give me nightmares... I lost my nerve that night.

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

I would have peed my pants! I thought it was real too at first. Add sucker to the list under wuss.

Yeah, Jessika my mom keeps pointing at me and in between fits of laughter and saying " KARMA!!!" I'm so screwed too.

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

LMAO!! Kathryn that's funny! I can almost picture it. Gotta love the good ol' days.

Jen Provenzano said...

I love this kind of stuff!!! Fun post! P.S. Love the blog's new look!!

Unknown said...

This is so funny. SO FUNNY! I did that once with my car and it wouldn't start. I am so glad I was not on a bridge, in the dark, waiting for crying babies and axe murderers! Oh man I would have peed my pants for sure.