4 Steps to My Infinite Bliss and One Minute to your Good Karma!

So this whole being a finalist for a Weblog Award... Is so far beyond EPIC I am still in shock!  (For those of you who do not know, I am a finalist for a "Best New Weblog of 2012" Weblog Award a.k.a. the Oscars of Blogging, a.k.a The Bloggies... Like I said, EPIC shit!)  

I really cannot get over the fact that I am a finalist. I mean, somehow First Time Mom & Dad is ONE of FIVE nominated weblogs.  FUUUUUUU....dge. Seriously, I already feel like a winner! But, I am not technically a winner yet, so its time to get my shit in gear and start whoring for votes since the voting closes in a week! March 17, 2013... Yeah, I know I should have started this Angelina Jolie leg out whoring already.... So here goes.

Please please please vote for me, Because....  I am....  Wait... I am not sure which angle to take here to whore for your vote...

Should I go with the, Because I deserve it... 

Please vote for me because I share my life, my secrets and my failures with you everyday to help you realize your life is not nearly as jacked up and ridiculous as it could be!

Does your husband wear a wolf mask through the grocery?
See it could be worse!

Is your kid an ATAT Walker smashing everything in his path?
See it could be worse!

Maybe the, sympathy vote

Come on please vote for me, in my former life I was a princess, and now I am a parent covered in poop, pee and puke, I need my fucking tiara back for fucksake! 


Nah... I like my life... though I do miss the little butt, boobs and big glasses of wine.

Look, how about this... Unedited honesty. The foundation of my blog.

Please vote for me because I am an honest true and giving blogger.  I write from my heart, and am always available to my readers through email and every freaking social media channel available.  I love writing, I love my weblog, I love my readers and dammit I love winning!  Please Please Please, follow the simple steps below to make me the BEST (Damn) WEBLOG OF 2012.

Step 1:

Go to the Bloggies website

Wait don't click yet, the link is down at the bottom...

Step 2:

Scroll through the list of categories and vote for your favorite finalist.... Like Quirky Chrissy for Best Writing or Pocket full of Joules for Best kept secret becuse they are super badass...As you scroll down my category is close to the bottom.....
Click the little circle in the First Time Mom & Dad Window (Pretty Super Please!)

Step 3:  This is VERY IMPORTANT!  Scroll to the very bottom and enter your email address and security code....
Step 4: THIS IS UBER IMPORTANT!  You need to go to your email to confirm the vote.  I promise you will not receive any more emails or have to do anything else!  This is not one of those shameless contest where you vote every day.  Just one vote per email address...hint hint...... this will take maybe a total of 60-seconds out of your life, but mean an infinite amount of Bliss for me.. PLEASE DO IT!!!!

Click Here to go to the Bloggies Webstite and make my dream come true!

Thank you so much for your support, for reading my weblog and for voting for US.

April, FTD & Ollie!

Oh, and while I am shamelessly whoring for votes....

If you have already voted for me to win the Weblog award.... then please throw a vote our way in the contest for becoming The Top Mommy Blog! We are 15th... Almost there!!

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