10 Awesome April Fools Day Pranks

Being that my name is April, I have a very tumultuous history with April Fools day. During my early years the kids at school taunted me, saying I was such a fool I had an entire day named after me.  I was young, so of course I got upset and cried and went through all of the emotions the kids were hoping for. Assholes.

Then as I got older, I learned to turn the day around into being a day that was made just for me, a day to fool the fools. Here are my top 10 favorite Awesome April Fools Day Pranks!

  1. The ol' rubber band around the hose at the kitchen sink.  Place a rubber band or piece of tape on the hose button to hold it down, so when your unsuspecting mate or child turn on the faucet they get HOSED! 
  2. Switch the salt for sugar in the sugar bowl.  YUCK! 
  3. Get a co-worker by connecting every one of their paper clips.  Start by using your own paperclips at your desk, then run over and trade them out with the coworker's when they are away from their desk.  Then sit back and watch. 
    Paper clips not your thing?
  4. Fill the soap dispensers at home and work with pancake syrup. 
  5. Change your birthday to April 1st on Facebook. Then later in the day change your status to April Fools!
  6. Switch the toilet paper roll with duct tape before your mate's morning trip to the loo.
    No Duct Tape? Try This!
  7. When making the family's sandwiches for lunch leave the plastic wrapper on the cheese... 
  8. Have a friend or coworker to call your mate saying they are from the local radio station and that you signed them up to win tickets to an upcoming event they really wanted to go to... APRIL FOOLS!
  9. Rather than cover the toilet bowl with cling wrap.... Really, who wants pee all over the floor?  Spray the seat with cooking spray... slippery fun! 
  10. Or just do my all time favorite, take the high road and do nothing...  except smirk at everything!  This one is awesome. For example: When your mate pours their morning cup of coffee smirk and say Enjoy!... How scared will they be to take that first sip?? Do this every chance you get.

BONUS:  Here are a few others I have not tried, but seem worthy of an April Fools day prank.

For the Kids:
  1. Switch the bags in the cereal boxes before breakfast. 
  2. Squirt a little food coloring in the bottom of the cereal bowl before adding the milk.
  3. Cut a cereal box in half long ways, blow up a balloon and tape it inside the box.  Cover the balloon and box with Cool Whip or frosting add sprinkles. Call for the kids and let the oldest one cut into the cake. Stand back and watch the cake POP! Warning: Icing will go everywhere! 
  4. Scrape out an Oreo and refill the cookie with white toothpaste.  SO GROSS!
  5. Switch the kids in their beds before they wake up.  So they wake up in the other's bed.  
Or  recruit the kids to get dad!

For the Coworkers:
  1. Switch the 'Men' and 'Women' bathroom signs.
  2. Walk up to a coworker and say, "Oh man I just heard...  I'm sorry about this.  Usually they wait until Friday to let people go!  I heard So and So got the ax too so you are not alone..."  APRIL FOOLS!
  3. Turn the brightness on a coworkers computer screen all the way up, and the contrast all the way down so the screen will appear blank... this may take them all morning to figure out how to fix it.
  4. Take the ball out of the mouse, or on newer ones, put a small piece of tape over the optic lens.  Again, this may take them a while to figure out.
  5. For coworkers in close proximity, switch the phone jack cords so they get each other's phone calls. 

Or recruit the coworkers to get the whole damn town!

What's your favorite prank?  Or worse yet, what's your worst April Fools story?

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