Humbled! Humbled! Humbled! I am so humbled!


So... It turns out that I am a finalist for a 2013 Weblog Award, aka the "Bloggies". I am one of five finalist chosen for "Best New Blog of 2012". This is big. EPIC! Think the Oscars of the weblog world. The Bloggess and Perez Hilton are finalist. Parenting Illustrated with Crappy Pictures and People I Want to Punch in the Throat are finalist. And so am I? Holy shit!  So. Am. I!

I feel like I have already won! I didn't get this amazing finalist honor by being the popular girl. I am a finalist because a panel of my peers picked my blog. What an amazing honor and proverbial, 'Well Done' ass tap that is. How can I not already feel like a winner?! Wooo Hooo

However, for me to actually win this award, I do have to be the popular girl. I need your vote. The good news is that this is a vote only once thing, so none of that vote everyday crap like other awards. Below is the link if you want to see the full list of categories and nominees and to cast your vote. (For Me!)

I'm so humbled by this. I suppose I better make sure I write some really good posts from now on. AND use spell check.



April xx
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